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2009 March at Trader’s Narrative

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About a year ago I wrote about how the stock market resembles a dog on a leash. Prices fluctuate from the trend, sometimes in extreme spikes which mark important inflection points.
I thought I’d revisit the idea by taking a long term look at the S&P 500 and comparing how it has fared to its own […]

While the general market, tracked by large indices like the S&P 500 (SPX), fell to lower levels than late last year, there are pockets of strength in some sectors. One sector that is showing surprising strength is the seminconductors:

Not only has it put in a higher low, it is close to breaking out in its […]

Weekend Reading: Exhausted Rally

Final days of the Hedge Fund Operational Due Diligence book giveaway. Follow the link and submit your email for entry into the draw. Yup, that easy.
Here are just a few picks from the past week’s reading list at Follow the link below to get much, much more:

The Quiet (Lobbyist Lead) Coup
Eternal Struggle: Stocks vs. […]

Here’s this week’s sentiment wrap-up:
Investors Intelligence
According to ChartCraft, the keeper of the Investors Intelligence weekly stock newsletter sentiment survey, we had a small increase in bulls to 28.4%. And about the same magnitude decrease in pessimism to bring the bears to 44.3% of respondents.
This week’s low level of bullishness provides some hope but compared to […]

Final chance to get in on the book giveaway: Hedge Fund Operational Due Diligence
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At the beginning of the year, fueled by a cocktail of optimism and the famed Santa Claus rally, the market reached for the sky. I pointed out the decade high in the McClellan Oscillator and suggeted that the […]


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