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Justin Mamis isn’t that well known but he is the author of several trading books, of which “When to Sell” is far and away the best. His book was published in the 1970’s when he was writing The Professional Tape Reader. Yes, the same one that later Stan Weinstein took over. As you’d expect, the […]

The market is full of cycles. Some are fast and others like the inter-relationship between the small capitalization and the large capitalization subset play out at a glacial pace:

The stock market seems to go through these slow, vast cycles between large caps and small caps and they usually last about 5 years. Most surprisingly, they […]

Swine Flu Stocks Watchlist

Once again swine flu is causing headlines and the mobilization of health professionals and the government in combating it. Again? In 1976 President Gerald Ford put into motion a massive vaccination effort to halt the spread of swine flu on the advice of medical experts. About 40 million Americans were inoculated before the program was […]

The Survey of Professional Forecasters is little known or followed outside of econometric circles but it deserves more respect. Not because it is the oldest continuously calculated macro-economic prediction survey, but because it has an uncanny ability to predict both the start and end of recessions.
Now, I know, if you’re as cynical as me, you’re […]

The NYSE cumulative breadth (daily advance decline) is showing signs of life. with its first victory over a previous high:

Referring to this, recently StockCharts blog wrote:
This show of relative strength in the AD Line reflects broad participation in the current advance and bodes well for the current uptrend.
Sounds good but what they are missing […]


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