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Weekend Reading: An Uneasy Feeling

Lazy Sunday, perfect time to catch up on what you missed and to prepare for next week. Here are just a few choice readings from the past week’s list at

Forward Discounting Mechanism? Why the S&P May Lag GDP
The Bank Crisis’ Catch-22
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How […]

Here is a concise summary of this week’s sentiment data:
Sentiment Surveys
For weeks now I’ve been pointing out that the really interesting scenario would be if we saw the market rally while bullish sentiment decreased (or inversely bearish sentiment increased). That is what contrarians look for because it signals that people are not really believers in […]

Below is an article written by Mark Galasiewski, editor of Elliott Wave International’s Asian Financial Forecast. Although it uses Australian data to illustrate its point, the same can be shown with US central bank rates and short term T-Bill rates:
The following is excerpted from Elliott Wave International’s Global Market Perspective. The full 120-page publication, which […]

If you’re not familiar with Bullish Percent charts or how they are calculated, check out my previous post on How To Time the Market With Bullish Percent Charts. I use them to find inflection points, which is different than their creator’s intention.
The Nasdaq Bullish Percent Index reached a recent high of 51.36% and more importantly, […]

I’m going to tell you exactly how you can become a successful trader. But a word of caution. You are probably not going to like the answer. I’m not going to sell you a course or a ’system’ or anything like that. So if that disappoints you, simply skip this and go read something else.
For […]


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