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Weekend Reading: Flatlining

The weekend is here. Kick back and catch up with these links from this weekend’s reading list at

Using the PPO to Measure Extremes
Bank bailout: The greatest swindle ever sold
Flatland - Not a Stockpicker’s Market
Gold Lacks Intrinsic Strength
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Barrons interview with Bob Prechter
S&P 500’s 17 week cycle
An Unparalleled Array of […]

By Robert Prechter, CMT
The following article is excerpted from a brand-new eBook on gold and silver published by Robert Prechter, founder and CEO of the technical analysis and research firm Elliott Wave International. For the rest of this fascinating 40-page eBook, download it for free here.
Have you ever traveled abroad and taken a look at […]

Here’s this past week’s overview of sentiment data:
Sentiment Surveys
The retail investors and traders tracked by the AAII weekly sentiment survey continue to pull in their horns. The bears came in at 49% a 4% points increase from last week and the bulls were at 40%, a 6% increase from last week. Pulling back to provide […]

After reaching an all time low in January 2009, the Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index reached an all time low (again) in February 2009.
Although we haven’t seen such a dramatic fall in this metric for 42 years, historically, such troughs are signs of the coming of better times in the stock market. In fact, along […]

A few weeks before crude oil topped out at $147.90 in July 2008, I kept pointing out that something was just not right with that market. In “What is Really Going on With the Price of Crude Oil?” I pointed out the role of large institutional funds and a few days later I showed a […]


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