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Here’s an interesting way to measure the general mood of the public towards the stock market: look at the frequency and trend of searching for related keywords. For example, “bull market” or “bear market”. Although not everyone knows that nomenclature. How about “stock market crash”? Everyone knows what that means.
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In a strange twist of events, the most notorious file sharing website, The Pirate Bay, is being bought out by a small public company, Global Gaming Factory for about $7.8 US million.
According to the spokesperson for TPB, Peter Sunde, GGF approached the owners of TPB a few months ago and negotiations finalized recently with the […]

Last week there was a lot of chatter about a technical formation called a ‘golden cross’ which is considered to have bullish implications. This is when a short term moving average (usually a simple 50 day MA) crosses from below to rise higher than the long term moving average (usually a simple 200 MA). Because […]

Some are comparing the current bear market to the brutal one we saw in the 1930’s, so here’s a chart comparing this rally (so far) to the bear market rallies back then:

Source: Chart of the Day
To be honest, I don’t really like the Dow Jones Index so I’ve plotted the point at which the current […]

For economic and market news and to see what you may have missed last week, check out the list below. It is just a few choice examples from

What Does Climate Change Have to do with Goldman Sachs?
Barry Ritholtz Podcast Interview
Five Pitfalls of Developing Traders
KKR Goes Public Through IPO Backdoor
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