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2009 June at Trader’s Narrative

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Here is this week’s sentiment summary:
Sentiment Surveys
Figures from ChartCraft’s Investors Intelligence show stock newsletter editors to be similarly bullish to last week: 43.6% bullish and 28.7% bearish. Not only is this little changed from last week, it leaves us mired in a neutral morass which is not really helpful in determining a trend.
In contrast, the […]

Five Fatal Flaws of Trading

By Jeffrey Kennedy
Close to ninety percent of all traders lose money. The remaining ten percent somehow manage to either break even or even turn a profit – and more importantly, do it consistently. How do they do that?
That’s an age-old question. While there is no magic formula, one of Elliott Wave International’s senior instructors Jeffrey […]

Yesterday’s Fast Money had an interview with Paul Desmond, president of Lowry Research:

He mentions the 90% downside volume we saw accompany Monday’s decline as well as the anemic volume behind the higher prices since April 2009 as reasons he thinks that this is not a real bull market.
Desmond thinks that we are heading lower and […]

Last month we looked at a simple method for valuing the market called Tobin’s Q. (To get details, check the previous link).
Working with the available data we had back then we surmised that the market had gotten much cheaper but that it was still not quiet at a level which had historically marked bear market […]

Back to everyone’s favorite game: is this the real deal of a new bull market? or is Mr. Market about to get another visit from gravity?
To try to answer this lingering question, I again turned to the lessons offered by the young bull market of March 2003. Here is a chart of the percentage of […]


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