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2009 July at Trader’s Narrative

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The Dow Jones was in fine summer condition putting in the best July performance since 1989 and its best month since 2002. Are we in thin air territory yet? To find out, check out the sentiment summary for this past week:
After 6 weeks of the bears continuously trouncing the bulls in the AAII weekly sentiment […]

The debate that is continuing to rage is whether this is a bear market rally or a bull market. Although I find it interesting that the topic has somewhat shifted. Now it is whether this is a secular bull market or a cyclical. To throw a log on the fire, here is some interesting historical […]

While the US market has been incredibly strong, the Chinese stock market, by comparison, makes it look downright flaccid.
A few months back we looked at the Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite and noticed that the Chinese equivalent of the Coppock Curve had turned positive. As well, just a few weeks before this long term signal was […]

A reader, Wayne Whaley, who is also a veteran trader and registered CTA sends in this concise report on the earnings season:
“About 1/2 of second quarter earnings are in and we have a pretty good estimate now of what final earnings should look like at the end of the quarter.

With interest rates at current levels, […]

For economic and market news and to see what you may have missed last week, check out the list below. It is a small sample, to see it all go to

How High Will the S&P Go?
A Colossal Lack of Judgement
The Next Big Technical Pattern
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An Anthropologist’s Take on What’s […]


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