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2009 July at Trader’s Narrative

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Here is a quick wrap up of this past week’s sentiment data:
Sentiment Surveys
The American Association of Individual Investor’s (AAII) weekly sentiment survey had 38% bulls this week and 42% bears. That’s an increase in the ratio of optimists and a decrease in the proportion of pessimists. But all in all, we’re back to where we’ve […]

No, really. How high can this market keep going?
That’s the question a lot of people are asking. It isn’t surprising that once the S&P 500’s perfect head and shoulder pattern failed, prices rocketed higher - almost non-stop. We’ve had 12 consecutive trading days closing higher. That kind of streak is not only extremely rare, it […]

With the benefit of hindsight, lets take a look at my bullish calls in March 2009. I’m sure that persevering readers will remember a few of them. For example, the suggestion that we were about to witness a ‘bear trap’ - similar to what we launched the super-bull market from August 1982.
I also showed a […]

By Jeffrey Kennedy
The following is an excerpt from Jeffrey Kennedy’s Trader’s Classroom Collection. Now through August 10, Elliott Wave International is offering a special 45-page Best Of Trader’s Classroom eBook, free.
Aspiring traders typically go through three phases in this order:
Methodology. The first phase is that all-too-familiar quest for the Holy Grail – a trading system […]

We took a look at the long-term chart of gold Monday. Here is a video with more short-term technical analysis of gold using Fibonacci ratios. Watch it till the end to get the outlook for gold:


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