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I have no idea why Geithner agreed to this. Maybe he thought he would be able to clean up his image or maybe Rahm Emmanuel took him aside and told him unless he did the interview, an atomic wedgie was coming his way. In any case, the digg community pulled no punches in drafting a […]

Earlier in this month’s sentiment overview, I mentioned a lesser known sentiment indicator called the “Daily Sentiment Index” (DSI). It is compiled and disseminated by Jake Bernstein’s firm through various “proprietary data collection methods” which include internet, telephone and/or email.
Since the objective is to arrive at a contrarian signal, pains are taken to only access […]

By Robert Folsom
The following article discusses Robert Prechter’s view of the Efficient Market Hypothesis. For more information, download this free 10-page issue of Prechter’s Elliott Wave Theorist.
When a maverick idea becomes vindicated, there’s a good story to tell. It usually involves a person (or small group of people) who courageously challenge the orthodoxy of the […]

We’ve touched on the epic amounts of cash that are sitting on the sidelines in money market funds. There is some debate about how positive this is for the market so let’s take a closer look by going over a few details from both sides of the argument.
Money Market Levels
Now that we have stepped away […]

At the close last week, all major indices: Dow Jones Industrial, Standard & Poor’s 500, the Nasdaq and Russell 2000 - all closed at a new high for the year. And today, they again made new highs for the year (but closed lower).
The longevity of this rally is confounding both the bears and the bulls. […]


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