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Weekend Reading: Teetering On A Pivot

For economic and market news and to see what interesting reading you may have missed last week, check out the list below. To see it all, go to

Why the Goldman Sachs-AIG Story Won’t Go Away
Europe Shows the Way: ING Broken Up
Wall Street Revalued: Imperfect Markets and Inept Central Bankers
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The market correction that we’d been waiting for has finally started in earnest so let’s take a look at the sentiment data for this week:
AAII Survey
This week’s survey of US retail sentiment by the Association of American Individual Investors came in at 34% bullish (a drop of 7% points from last week) and an increase […]

This is a guest post by Wayne Whaley (CTA):
I’m not sure whether this market reminds me more of my grandfather’s beagle puppies or the current Secretary of State’s husband, but either way he (the market) doesn’t seem to be inclined to hang around the house for long. It looked like this market might show […]

While I think the S&P 500 has more room to the downside, the bounce today wasn’t unexpected. If you listen to the mainstream media, the explanation is the the positive GDP numbers, which at 3.4% blew away expectations.
While it will take a few days for the whole report to be dissected, it is more likely […]

Guest post by Wayne Whaley, CTA
Valuation is a funny bird because we are forced to use trailing information to attempt to estimate whether the market is fairly priced relative to future information (earnings) and there is substantial guesswork involved.
This allows analysts a great deal of flexibility to mode the statistics to serve one’s agenda. […]


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