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Guest Post by Nico Isaac
The following article includes analysis from Robert Prechter’s Elliott Wave Theorist. For more insights from Robert Prechter, download the 75-page eBook Independent Investor eBook. It’s a compilation of some of the New York Times bestselling author’s writings that challenge conventional financial market assumptions. Visit Elliott Wave International to download the eBook, […]

Let’s face it, this market has been driven by technicals not by any real fundamental health. So what happens when the same folks leave and take their rationale with them, fundamental investors may not be as keen to support the bids.
The recent softening in bids shouldn’t be a surprise. On October 15th the S&P 500 […]

Not surprising after the extremely negative sentiment in the US dollar index, the greenback has staged a modest rally. In response, gold has wilted. Here are few perspectives on what may be next for the precious metal:
Elliott Wave International
Arguing for the bearish case, is Robert Prechter of Elliott Wave International. He writes that since 1913, […]

Jeremy Grantham declares most of the easy money made in his latest quarterly letter from GMO. I respect Grantham as one of the few ‘elder statesmen’ of the stock market because he approaches it with an impressive amount of perspective and discipline. No doubt, a result of having survived many market cycles.
He was one […]

The US financial system was resuscitated by the largess of the taxpayer. Without any real quid pro quo, transparency nor discussion, they were made whole. Their losses made public while their profits were guaranteed to remain private (as the recent obscene bonuses attest).
So now that the US economy is still on the ropes, fighting […]


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