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2009 November at Trader’s Narrative

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The stock market has been meandering uphill at about the same pace as its long term trend line. While bound by the invisible ‘maximum’ 20% gap between it and the 200 day moving average, it has been able to slowly meandered higher as the long term moving average rises concomitantly.
Mind the Gap
Here is a chart […]

While the Canadian banks were almost completely immune from the financial crisis that rocked most industrialized nations, its real estate market still took a hit along with everyone else.
But the fall in real estate value was shallow and short lived, especially compared to the US experience. And now, while most real estate markets around the […]

Is The Reflation Trade Over?

Here is a short segment from CNBC with Robert Prechter of Elliott Wave International talking about the end of the “reflation trade” and what that means for the stock market, gold and the US dollar:

As Hulbert’s recent article mentions, Prechter’s Elliott Wave analysis of the market has been very much on the money. He not […]

While it is common to compare the current US stock market with the Japanese experience in the early 1980’s, there is more to it than a similar market profile.
The comparison between the two countries and situations is made in a recent report from Societe Generale titled “Worst Case Debt Scenario“. Both Japan and the US […]

I was going to talk about the sentiment surrounding gold in the weekly sentiment overview but eventually the topic grew so much that it deserved its own space.
First, I’ll present various sentiment surveys measuring the mood surrounding gold. Then some not so traditional gauges of sentiment such as price targets and specialized investment funds.
Then […]


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