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2009 December at Trader’s Narrative

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Happy New Year!
It is the end of 2009 and the end of my annual retrospective. If you’ve just found this, I’m looking back at 2009 by reviewing each month’s most interesting commentary and republishing them as highlights to help me encapsulate the year as well as prepare for the coming year. Here are the previous […]

The “naught” decade is officially over for the equity markets in the US. With it the stock market has put in only the second negative return for the Dow and the worst performance since the 1930’s. Something else stands out when you compare the performance of the Dow in decade increments: bear and bull markets […]

This is the next installment of my retrospective. I’m choosing the most relevant, interesting and useful commentary from each month and them in these posts as a means to both recap the roller coaster year we just went through, as well as to learn from past mistakes and savor the sweet, sweet victories.
If you’ve missed […]

The much awaited sequel to the infamous film “Wall Street” by Oliver Stone, is set for April 2010. The original came out in December 1987, just a few months after the “Black Monday” stock market crash. Movies, like most elements of popular culture, have an interesting relationship with the stock market. That isn’t surprising since […]

The calendar is ticking away with just a few days remaining. I’m finishing the year by taking a look back at each month to highlight the commentary from this blog in an introspective attempt to wrap up the year that was and prepare for the new year that will be.
If you missed the other monthly […]


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