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A lot of people are noticing that the S&P 500 index has gained back 50% of its losses from the October 2007 top to the March 2009 low. Depending on which high and low you use, the mid-point is around 1121, as you can see from this chart:

While this may be an interesting factoid, what […]

Weekend Reading: Season’s Greetings

To my readers celebrating Christmas: Merry Christmas and I hope Santa was generous this year (and that you were good boys and girls). To everyone else, enjoy the time off to recharge your batteries and catch up with the important things in life.
If you have time, here is the weekend reading list of economic […]

For those celebrating Christmas, I wish you and your family, a Merry Christmas. And if you’re not, I hope you enjoy your time off over the holidays. Here is the final sentiment overview for the year:
Sentiment Surveys
According to the AAII weekly survey 38% of US retail investors are bullish (that’s a small drop of 4% […]

Stock Market Outlook For 2010

This is a guest post by Wayne Whaley (CTA):
The S&P made a low on March 9th 2009, reversed, and is coming into the final week of the year up 24.7%, having recovered almost exactly 50% of recent bear markets loss. Since 1950, all three years (1974, 2002, 2008) that were down at least 20%, have […]

A review of September 2009 wouldn’t be complete without mentioning this. In his September 10th Global Strategy Weekly, Albert Edwards, the strategist for Societe Generale mentioned this blog:

The chart is from this commentary: Baltic Dry Index as Leading Indicator - which was mentioned by Pfaendler on his blog. Pfaendler, by the way, was correct to […]


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