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2010 January at Trader’s Narrative

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Weekend Reading: Structural Changes

Here is the weekend reading list of economic and market news you may have missed. To see it all, go to

Sprott: Beware Counterfeiters
AIG bonuses continue to ignore performance
Mutual Funds Are Asset-Rich And Cash-Poor
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January Barometer forecasts a down 2010
Panama Canal Expansion Bypasses Buffett’s Railroad
The Most Important […]

Here’s this week’s round up of various sentiment data for the stock market:
Sentiment Surveys
The weekly AAII survey of retail investor sentiment shows little change. The bulls decreased slightly to 35% and the bears inched higher by a smidgen to 36.7%. Basically that puts us squarely in neutral territory which is a bit surprising since I […]

As a response to the credit crunch the Federal Reserve, along with all major central banks around the world, stepped in and injected an astronomical amount of liquidity into the US banking system. Usually this results in excess reserves that eventually find their way into the real economy or are mopped up by the Fed […]

While a lot of attention has been rightfully given to the US market of late, the tape half a world away in China’s Shanghai stock market deserves equal, if not more, scrutiny. As you can see from the chart below, China was among the very first equity markets to hit firm ground late in 2008. […]

Bernanke’s Burn Notice

This is a guest post by Elliott Wave International:
Can the Fed Stop Deflation? Robert Prechter answers this all-important question in his Free Deflation Survival Guide. The guide gives you a 60-page ebook that will help you understand deflation and its effects on society; you’ll even learn how to survive and prosper in such an environment. […]


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