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I had the opportunity to chat recently with Matthew Claassen (CMT) about his views on the market and what he sees ahead. Matthew’s work caught my attention because he turned bullish early on in 2009 when very few did so. As well, one of the indicators that helped him at that time was the same […]

Jeremy Grantham’s first quarterly letter of the year arrived and with it the usual pithy insights we’ve come to expect. Grantham starts off by sharing his opinion on the two most recent important events on the political front: the Volcker rule proposed a few days ago by Obama and the Supreme Court decision on campaign […]

The last time we looked at the precious metal sector, was in December as gold was in full correction mode after a parabolic crescendo. My analysis then was that gold was clearly correcting after a massive run-up but that due to a number of reasons outlined, this profit taking would be shallower than normal.
While the […]

A few months ago we looked at the behavior of the stock market when it roams too far away from its long term trend line: What Happens This Far Above The 200 Moving Average?.
Usually when the relative distance from the 200 moving average hits +20% the market has a tough time pushing ahead as […]

Weekend Reading: Correction

Here is the weekend reading list of economic and market news you may have missed. To see it all, go to

Finally A Breakdown
Swedish Bank Fee Sets Example for America
Flash Orders and Funky NYSE Stop Orders
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Record Cash Means S&P 500 at Half its 2007 Valuation
Nassim Taleb… […]


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