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To the amazement of the perma-bears, the US dollar is enjoying a huge rally (again). I’m sure many would like to know exactly why since the US economy doesn’t look like it is doing that well. I don’t pretend to know either but remember that during the bear market in almost everything, the US dollar […]

The sharp drop in the February Conference Board’s Consumer Confidence numbers surprised many. After climbing for three consecutive months and reaching a 16 month high it dropped 10.5 points (from 56.5 to 46). The “Present Situations Index” fell to 19.4 - the lowest since 1983. The US consumer is hurting real bad. In case the […]

If I could know one single data point from the future, it would be whether deflation or inflation won the economic battle royale of this new decade. That is the ultimate question that will decide the future price of almost every single asset: real estate, gold, equities, bonds, etc.
Not surprisingly, this single question is the […]

A reader kindly forwarded the chart below from a new site that seems to be a quant-jock’s heaven: QuantDNA. The site is just a few months old and I had never read or heard of it until now. Poking around, I found out that QuantDNA is:
…dedicated to being the preeminent destination for investors seeking to […]

The Golden Cross Trading Methodology

This is a guest post by Wayne Whaley, CTA:
I recently posted research on the 40 year (1970-2009) track record of various simple moving average crossover systems on the S&P Cash Index in a post titled “The 200 Day Moving Average Is Your Friend“. See that link for details, but a summary of those study […]


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