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The institutional research firm of Ned Davis Research has their own proprietary sentiment indexes called “Crowd Sentiment Poll”. Technically they have several such sentiment indicators covering major indexes or sectors but the one that is most closely watched is the one for the stock market (S&P 500).
There is nothing magical about this sentiment index other […]

This is a follow up of an earlier article from a few months ago on the relationship of the Baltic Dry Index and the stock market. I wanted to revisit the thesis because it seems I’m wrong and I don’t miss an opportunity to point out my errors in the hope that I can at […]

The technical outlook for gold hasn’t changed much since the last time we looked at various breadth indicators for the sector about two weeks ago, Gold Update: Meandering Lower.
Technical Analysis
The bullish percent index for the sector has gone limp again, falling to 35% - slightly lower than the last time we checked in. The K-ratio […]

The word Fibonacci can draw either blank stares or an enthusiastic response. There’s hardly any in-between ground. But for those who ask how an esoteric mathematical relationship can apply to price charts and trading, here’s a quick lesson. Everyone who uses Elliott wave analysis will sooner or later want to try using Fibo techniques, and […]

Weekend Reading: Into Thin Air

Here is this weekend’s reading list of economic and market news you may have overlooked. To see it all, go to

20 Signs That Could Mark a Top
Inflation: File under things not to worry about
The tech bubble that didn’t pop (180 years ago)
Conversations with Casey
Dow Theory Go Time?
An Update on Valuations and Forward Earnings Assumptions
Bill […]


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