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2010 March at Trader’s Narrative

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Here is this week’s sentiment overview:
Sentiment Surveys:
In a surprising move, the retail US investors, as tracked by the AAII weekly sentiment poll, have become significantly less bullish. This is surprising because the usual pattern is for sentiment to match the market higher. But this week those expecting higher prices fell to 32.4% - almost matching […]

I tinker a lot with different market indicators and usually end up at a dead end. That’s no fun but I don’t consider the time spent on such fruitless endeavors as wasted because they are really mental calisthenics. Sometimes though, quite rarely, the result is interesting enough or useful enough that it is worth sharing […]

We’ve looked at the secular shift from equities into bonds from several angles. The trend continues unabated as US retail investors shun equities for the most part and rush to buy bonds with wild abandon.
Previously I’ve shared with you the monthly data to illustrate where US retail investors are putting their money. Below you’ll find […]

The momentum driving the equity market higher has been relentless. The stock market has basically gone streaking - climbing higher barely giving anything back. Depending on how you look define it, this is rather rare in the market.
For example, from late February through to mid-March, the S&P 500 had a 17 day streak where it […]

We’ve looked at the S&P 500 index market breadth which is very strong and leading the market higher. Now let’s turn to another early warning system that is providing a slightly different picture of market internals right now.
The number of new 52 week highs is an important indication of the health of a cyclical bull […]


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