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2010 June at Trader’s Narrative

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Here is this weekend’s reading list of economic and market news. To see all the links, go to

Wall Street reform: What’s in the bill
Download your complementary 50-Page “Technical Analysis Handbook”
VC’s Have Too Much Cash, Too Little Time
“Quote Suffing” Caused the Flash Crash
Inflation Will Have to Wait
ECRI Weekly Leading Indicators Widely Misunderstood
Victor Niederhoffer on Being […]

Wrapping up the week, here is the weekly sentiment overview for the markets:
Sentiment Surveys
The weekly sentiment survey measuring the mood of the retail investors from the American Association of Individual Investors shows that they are basically neutral. The proportion of those believing the stock market would be higher in 6 months time fell 8% points […]

In a previous discussion about the battle royale between fundamentals and technicals, a reader challenged the idea that we are in a secular bear market by asking for a definition. That sounds like an interesting intellectual exercise so I’ll put some thoughts together and share them with you next week.
In the meantime, it is a […]

In a very short period of time, it has become almost unanimous consensus that the US economy is entering a “double dip” or a second recession before it has gotten a chance to recover from the previous one. This is a potentially dangerous situation because the monetary and fiscal policies have all been basically exhausted.
The […]

I offered my own explanation of the crazy market we saw in early May, now known more commonly as the “Flash Crash”. There is still no consensus on what exactly caused it and there is an ongoing investigation by the SEC and the CFTC (below, after the jump).
Now we have another potential explanation offered by […]


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