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Did Someone Ask For A Real Trading Video Blog? at Trader’s Narrative

You in the back, I can’t quite hear you. Hmmmf, what’s that? Speak up! Did I just hear you asking for a trading video blog? you know, a real one?

Pinch yourself, cause this is almost too good (and timely) to be true. None other than Tony Oz has a new vblog. It is called Stock Trader TV and while its still in beta and there is only one video up (the first one!) it is full of chewy trading goodness. Did I mention its by Tony freakin’ Oz?

The one and only, three time winner of the Classic Hedge Hog Stock Picking Contest, the author of several best selling trading books, creator of the Oz Scanners, the one annointed by the Trading Gods themselves… yeah, that Tony Oz.

Chorus of angels descend from clouds singing Hosanna…

To send Tony feedback and comments, email him at: tony(AT)tonyoz(DOT)com

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9 Responses to “Did Someone Ask For A Real Trading Video Blog?”  

  1. 1 Brandon Fredrickson

    Hey Tony whats up? Long time since we have talked. This looks awesome, you always put out great stuff. Keep it up.

  2. 2 marketsurfer

    nice work, tony! i’ll be tuning in. surf

  3. 3 Ugly

    thanks for the link

  4. 4 Babak

    ugly, when are you going to do another episode of the Show? c’mon, Tony needs some competition to keep him on his toes.

  5. 5 jerryskid

    I would like to see video’s on emini S&P500

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