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Don’t Forget To Tip When You Dine In Hell at Trader’s Narrative

Don’t go to see 300 if you are serious about history. You will either have a heart attack at all the historical inaccuracies or the audience will beat you to death when you try to point them out.

lena headley 300 movie.pngXerxe’s face was covered in hair, not multiple facial piercings. The Spartans were the ones into ritualized pederasty and homosexuality, not the Athenians. The Spartans didn’t really stand for freedom but a totalitarian police state. And no the Persian army didn’t actually use enraged rhinos. We know. Just shut up and enjoy a movie that one can only describe as Tarantino’s wet dream.

My only criticism is that there wasn’t more of the sultry Lena Headley. Eventhough Miller’s graphic novel gives Queen Gorgo a much larger role than she has had in formal history, she should have had more screen time. Much more.

I’d have to take a pass at the whole ritualized pedastry thing, and my ancestry is actually Persian but evenso I’d make a great Spartan. Just a few days ago I was stepping over a low metal fence. I noticed my leg scrape it; look down and see a cut on my pants. I was pissed off at destroying a good pair of pants. It wasn’t until many hours later (when I took off my pants) that I realized I had cut a huge gash in my leg that had been bleeding since.

To all homocidal fences out there, Molon Labe Bitches !!

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