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Exhaustive List of Proprietary Trading Firms at Trader’s Narrative

One of the members of the discussion board has created a great online resource for prop trading out there. It is still a work in progress so if you have any info pass it on to him.

Since this project seems stalled, I’ve pulled together a comprehensive list of prop shops myself.

But if you’re not familiar with the term “prop trading”, let me explain. Traditionally, proprietary trading started many years ago when brokerages, banks and other financial institutions hired traders to use their capital to trade in the markets.

That label has now been extended to traders who aren’t paid a salary and who actually put up a nominal amount of their own money. This sort of prop trader gains from the use the firms capital (up to 20 times leverage), software, training and other amenities to various degrees.

Other than those advantages, prop trading also offers a reprieve from the usual isolation suffered by most traders. Being in a positive group environment can do wonders for a trader’s development. Although, it is possible to also trade prop remotely.

If you’re thinking of joining a prop firm, start your research above but don’t forget to do thorough due diligence. And make sure you share any offer you get on elitetrader to can get feedback from other traders.

For more background information on prop trading, check out this SFO article.

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12 Responses to “Exhaustive List of Proprietary Trading Firms”  

  1. 1 Kenneth Lynch

    Please provide me with a list of prop shops that allow options trading (stock Indexes) from a remote location using the firms capital. I’m a 20 year veteran looking to partnet up with a firm that will allow me to use their capital to trade from Atlanta or set-up an Atlanta firm

  2. 2 Ari

    If your looking for a good remote prop trading firm, I’m using this place called KM Capital Management. You can check out their web site and contact someone from over there.

  3. 3 Mike

    If they ask you for a penny, they’re a complete fraud

  4. 4 george

    Is KM a fraud?

  5. 5 hitesh

    dear all,

    i am from india and want to start as a trainee trader in international market can anyone plz suggest me about any job in india

  6. 6 Steve

    If they do not ask for money then they would assume all the risk and if you are a new trader they are not going to hire you. Mike said they are fraud if they ask for money but i do not agree with that if you are a new trader and i am assuming you are a new trader being 20 years old and needing capital. Think of it like this: If you were the owner of the firm would you let a 20 year old new trader just blindly trader your money without some sort of security deposit?

    I do not think that them asking for a security deposit would make them fraudulent in any way, it is the reality of how it works isn’t it?

    if you find someone that does not require a deposit and will let you just trade away please let us all know where that place is at. I am sure everyone would try to get hired especially if i don’t have to risk any of my money.

    I hate open forums where people can bash other people without really thinking of both sides.

  7. 7 Alberto

    Does anyone know a good futures prop trading firm out there??

    thanks in advance.


  8. 8 Michael

    huy guys,
    if you are interested in trading firm capital and remote trading, I invite you to SFG Trading, drop me the email

  9. 9 Pan

    is KMcapitalmanagement registered and a legit firm? Their offer seems decent but am wondering if they are an offshore company and not registered in the US

  10. 10 kash81

    @ pan
    please procide us information about the offer of kmcapitalmanagement. do they ask for security deposit?

  11. 11 Luca

    Fuck Fuck

  1. 1 List of Proprietary Trading Firms at Trader’s Narrative

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