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Facebook Addicted Goldman Sachs Trader Is Fired at Trader’s Narrative

charlie barrow goldan sachs trader facebook addict.pngYou remember the story of the Goldman Sachs trader out of London who was addicted to facebook, right? he not only spent ungodly hours on facebook but even posted a warning letter from his employer on his facebook profile!

Well, the global schadenfreude countdown has ended! Charlie Barrow has been dismissed by Goldman Sachs.

But Charlie’s friends and fans needn’t worry. He has already landed on his feet with several offers from market making firms in Chicago. They hope that, properly guided, his addiction prone personality can be the killer edge to take money from their clients.

And Charlie has learned his lesson. His new diligence can be seen here as he practises his pit hand gestures. Here he’s ‘bidding’ on 4 vodka martinis.

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