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Fade Hysteria and Idiots Who Fan Its Flames at Trader’s Narrative

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Sometimes you don’t need the AAII, II or other standardized measures of sentiment. Take a look at the screencap from Digg It is a blog post which bounced from a personal blog to Seeking Alpha and from there to Yahoo News. Then someone put it on Digg and it got 1044 diggs!

One thousand forty four. That’s a very high number of diggs, especially for a topic which falls waaay outside the normal Digg user interests: gadgets, software, technology, politics, video games, videos of monkeys in zoos, etc.

Think about this. What portent do you think it has? What kind of knowledge, market expertise and experience does the average Digg user have? are they being driven by emotion? or a cold, calculating mind? when lemmings are beaten so easily into a frenzy like this, are we at the precipice about to fall off or are we near the bottom?

Think about it and come to your own conclusions. I’ll revisit this in a few months (unless we are all hoboes panhandling at a corner).

I haven’t revealed the identity of the blogger to protect the guilty and because I was taught to not say anything if you can’t say anything nice (which would also explain why you won’t read anything about Jack Hershey here… oy vey).

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