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Firefox 3 Sucks at Trader’s Narrative

Firefox 3 Sucks

There have been no updates for the past few days because I’ve been wrestling with my new browser and I’m extremely frustrated.

As “Papa Bear”, Bill O’Reilly might say if he were in my shoes, “F**king thing sucks! WE’LL DO IT LIVE!;-)

I’m frustrated, not just because I’ve been a loyal Firefox fan and supporter for a long time but also because I bought into the hype and downloaded the new version to help Mozilla set a new world record.

I just can’t believe an organization that has put out such high quality software in the past can jump the shark this badly. How many months was this in beta again? how many release candidates did we go through?

Here are the problems I’m having:

  • pages won’t load!
  • when they do, CSS is randomly missing
  • if they do render, pages are very slow (my cursor stutters rather than glides across the page)
  • the “awsome bar” is about as useful and interesting as Jar Jar Binks
  • too many add-ons are not compatible

I headed over to the support forums and this is the page Firefox 3 presented me with (I kid you not):

mozillazine support forum screengrab

And here is what google analytics looks like for me (click to enlarge):

firefox3 google analytics

I tried erasing the cache, cookies, etc. then restarting Firefox but no matter what I do, that is what Google Analytics looks like. I’ve heard from others that they can’t see Google Maps and others that MySpace (one of the most popular sites on the web) doesn’t render correctly.

Anyone else out there have problems with Firefox 3 or is it just me?

Oh and in case you’re wondering, I’m typing this from Opera (9.50).

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158 Responses to “Firefox 3 Sucks”  

  1. 1 Sam

    Hey Babak,

    I’m sorry to hear about yr frustration with Firefox 3. I’ve been through this with Firefox 2. Even at that version, the pages load frustratingly slow and the screen just froze intermittently when I tried to open a few windows tabs. It was said to be the memory leakage problem and apparently the problem is still not fixed. I dumped the browser and has not moved on to Safari (I use a MAC). When Firefox 3 was launched, I wanted to give it another try but after reading a review from some sites, I completely abandoned the idea.

    I’m afraid I’ve not much to offer but I just hope you’ll resolve this soon as I’ve always enjoyed reading yr blogs. Cheers!

  2. 2 Eyal

    Strange.. Ive been using FF3 since Beta 3 and now on the final version 3 in both my Mac and XP and no problems at all. I suggest you back up your bookmarks, uninstall FF and reinstall it. If that doesn’t help then uninstall again delete all left over files in Program Files and Mozilla FF Application Data folder and re-install. Shouldn’t experience these problems that you’re describing.

    I use the Nightly Tester Tools extension to force install all extensions that report that they are incompatible and it works well.

    Lastly, FF3 is slightly less stable, I get a few crashes every now and then when I push it with too many tabs with all kinds of rich content, java etc. but other than that it’s noticeably faster.

    Oh and one more thing, I hate the new address bar as well. I installed the oldbar extension to bring back the FF2 style bar.

  3. 3 novice_girl

    I downloaded fx3 and I have the same problems as you do. I don’t think fx sucks but I’m getting frustrated!!! I shouldn’t have updated. I have vista [OK that’s another f*k up thing but has nothing to do with it]. When I try to open a link in a new tab, the tab is blank it doesn’t even have the address on the bar. Weird!!! I also get this script [which is blocked by adblock plus] on the upper left corner of the browser on every site I visit, what is it I have no idea. I’m not that experience to look at things like that. Been to Mozilla to find the solution, none to be had. I need to maybe use Opera until they fix it. :( I like the new look of fx3, cute. :) Hope the problems get resolved! :)


  4. 4 dfi

    I’m running ff3 and I don’t have any of those issues that you are encountering, mozillazine,myspace, google all render fine.

    As with any new release, your going to have incompatible addons. Same thing happened during the transition from 1 to 2. You can turn off compatibility checking for addons and 99% of your addons should work. thats what I do.

    Also, if you want the old address bar back, d/l the oldbar addon. I don’t like the new awesomebar either.

  5. 5 Baz L

    Run “firefox -profilemanager”

    and start a new profile. Major version upgrade always have their issues.

    About the add-ons. Come on man, how is that Firefox’s fault? If you want to be on the bleeding edge, things like that happen. Wait about 2 weeks and all major addons should be updated. I was crying about Firebug 2 days ago, before they updated.

  6. 6 Babak

    Sam, I’m a Mac guy (from waaay back) but lost my way and have gone to the dark side. I wonder if there is still time to repent?

    Eyal, good to know that FF3 is working better on other systems. Can you try something? go here and tell me if it slows down. When I visit that page FF3 slows down so much that my cursor stutters across the screen. Not all pages are that slow but when I open several tabs (like 10+) things slow to a crawl. They never did that with FF2 nor with Opera 9.5

    novice_girl, thanks well “FF3 sucks” is stronger language than I probably should have used but boy, I was and am frustrated.

    dfi, thanks - why not make the “awesome bar” an option? like the larger back button?

    Baz L, thanks for the tip, I’m going to try it and then if it doesn’t work go with Eyal’s suggestion and remove it all and do a clean reinstall. Thing is that there are more things to “back up” than simply bookmarks, like passwords and noscript options, etc.

    re the add-ons, you’re right, that’s not Mozilla’s fault - I’m just frustrated because the move was slow and gradual but not only are there this many bugs, but the developers haven’t moved to update their plugins/add-ons. Just makes it that much more frustrating to not have your favourite custom feature.

  7. 7 Eyal

    No problem with that page. Like you I routinely use 10 tabs or more. Often opening them all at the sam time from a folder in the bookmarks toolbar.

    Another thing to check is what extensions you do have installed. Maybe one of those is the culprit.

  8. 8 Nick

    After downloading FF3, google docs would freeze up, couldn’t click on or load anything. Also had issues like not being able to open emails in gmail. I disabled NoScript and everything worked fine again. You may have a conflict going on between NoScript and FF3. I was having the problem even though I had permanently allowed all google scripts in NoScript

  9. 9 Rudy Breda

    Hi,I have installed FF3 at home (XP) and work (Vista) and both work fine. I have added flashblock and no script and found loading better. I agree, addons seem to lag a few weeks so be patient their. It is like any other upgrade in any software. I now wait for few weeks for the last bugs to be fixed. I had a problem with an accounting package that is been around for years with a recent upgrade. Not sure what the issue is with the new awesome bar, if you could provide specifics for readers would be grateful, else it just more bad emotions… Lastly, as you should always know, back-up older versions if need to go back…so I say 1/3 of issue is your fault for not doing some basic computer prudent things….This just reminds us of what needs to be done.

  10. 10 George

    I updated to FF3 and couldn’t be happier. A huge improvement in response time and memory hogging, especially when you have many tabs open at once. My guess is you have an add-on that may be incapable but I found anyone that wasn’t compatible didn’t load. Maybe you could disable some add-ons you suspect could be causing the trouble and see if that clears it until they are upgraded. Opening the browser in safe mode should prove whether an add on is the problem or its the browser.
    I’d suggest you be patient as its the best browser out there by far and just got a whole lot better…IMO

  11. 11 paul

    I run FF3 on Tiger 10.4.11

    Here are the things to check.
    You are not loading CSS.

    1. Go: View -> Page Style -> Basic Page Style to make sure style sheets are on
    2. Make sure there is no special Encoding Go: View-> Encoding UTF 8
    3. Go: View -> page source and copy and paste the style sheet in address bar, click back and revisit the page (it will be in cache).
    4. Open FF in safe mode via: Start -> “firefox -safe-mode” or path to FF.
    5. Check the error Console: Go: Tools -> Error Console — empty it, visit this site (tradersnarrative), and see all the CSS errors generated (laughs). It has to parse the CSS to generate errors.

    If you reinstall and it still does not work, get the ad-on “Live HTTP Headers” to see all “gets”

  12. 12 Babak

    Eyal, thanks for checking. I suspect there is something wrong with my install because if yours doesn’t stutter on that page. I have ample RAM btw and other browsers load the page much faster and the cursor moves smoothly over the screen. I suspect that something is wrong with my install because I’ve seen on other FF3 installs (that I did for a friend) that you can grab and image and a “ghost” image appears as you drag it - this is similar to a feature that opera has had for a long time. Similarly, re-ordering the tabs at the top don’t show the same “ghosting” image effect.

    Nick, I had updated NoScript to the latest version which is supposed to work with FF3. NoScript is one of the most popular add-ons so if it can’t work with FF3….??!?!

    Rudy, you could be right and I may have missed something but honestly I doubt it. I’m fairly proficient in “basic computing” and I don’t think I’ve missed anything. I’ve also tried trouble shooting it with multiple attempts.

    George, I’m glad to hear that FF3 is providing others with a better user experience. Hopefully I can join this crowd sooner rather than later.

    paul, thanks for the tips. I’ll give them a try and if all else fails go for a clean install. I’ve tried the suggestion from Baz L re running under a new profile but it didn’t make any diff.

  13. 13 Baz L

    Ok, here’s one final thing. I hope you haven’t already tried this, but here goes:

    I remember that when I was trying to download FF3 for the first time, there were a lot of server issues. So, on the odd chance that your download was corrupted, you may want to try re-downloading and reinstalling.

    Other than that, maybe there’s a problem with the MAC version? No clue.

    I’m really sorry that you couldn’t get stuff to work man.

  14. 14 Andrew

    I uninstalled FF3 and reinstalled FF2.

    I will wait for a while before uploading again, couldn’t get my delicious plug in to work properly.

  15. 15 Babak

    I removed FF3 and ran CCleaner for good measure. Then I went to Mozilla’s site and downloaded a fresh file to make sure it was not corrupted as Baz suggested it may have been. I installed it and while GAnalytics was showing ok (css styling turned on) the whole browser was sluggish and again made the cursor stutter across the page on this page.

    I uninstalled FF3 again, ran CCleaner and installed FF2.0.14 everything is back to normal. Now I’ll have to install all my add-ons and re-enter all my passwords. A pain in the ass but now I know definitely that there is something seriously wrong with FF3. I’m not sure what but I do know that it can’t be add-ons since I didn’t have any running and it was a fresh install.

    To those who are running FF3 ok, enjoy your luck! Hopefully within a few months when Mozilla has ironed out the kinks I’ll join you.

    What I can’t understand is why when I clicked and dragged on an image or the tabs, the “ghosting” image of the tab/image didn’t appear as the cursor “dragged it away”. I think this proves that something was wrong with the install, but what? I’m not sure.

    For those who want to revert back to FF2, here is the official download page for it.

  16. 16 Pejvan

    Maybe you should try to create a new Firefox profile. I have installed the 3 on my 4 macs (sorry, 4!!) and it just works like a charm…
    You can also check if you don’t have something screwed in your config by typing “about:config” in the address bar a browsing the enormous list of configs. *bold* means changed by the user (not the factory setting or default setting anymore).

  17. 17 Babak

    thanks for the tip but I tried that. I created a new profile, started in “safe mode”, uninstalled all the add-ons, etc. I’m back with FF2 and happy again. Maybe by the end of the year Mozilla will have ironed out things with 3.1

  18. 18 James

    How/where did you re download 2.0.14? i can’t find it anywhere! I am really unhappy with FF3.

  19. 19 v


    you need to completely get rid of Mozilla files in your windows and do a complete clean install….

    It will be better if you can even clean the registery entries by going to run - type regedit - and then use Ctrl F to search for firefox and mozilla and delete every related thing.

    You will find it will work beatifully after this.. cheers

  20. 20 Morbus


    That’s so unfair. Your computer clearly has problems or something. Fx3 IS lightning fast…

  21. 21 cheshirepus

    I really liked everything (almost) about FF3.0, but the “awesome bar” was a deal breaker, and I’ve since uninstalled 3.0 and reinstalled specifically because of how much I hate its behavior.
    For the record, the config “fixes” everyone’s quoting are half-assed compromises at best (please don’t take that the wrong way… I’m not trying to say anything negative about anybody who might have made one of these suggestions.)
    The fundamental problem with the “awesome bar” is its algorithm, not it aesthetic.

    Other than that, for the two days I let allowed it to exist on my computer, it actually ran pretty quick sans a few pages like myspace for instance and it never crashed once.

  22. 22 Irish Jim

    “About the add-ons. Come on man, how is that Firefox’s fault?”

    It’s 100% firefox’s fault. They decided not to make firefox 3 compatible with old addons and to say FUCK YOU to the developers that spent countless hours creating addons.

    Firefox broke compatibility, how is it NOT firefox’s fault?

  23. 23 Morbus

    @ Irish Jim
    Ahaha! That’s rich. You have no idea what you’re talking about and you’re making a fool out of yourself. No offense, really…

    It’s THE EXTENSIONS’ fault that they are not compatible. EACH SINGLE EXTENSION has a line of code that says what versions of what browsers are compatible. Check them yourself and stupid talking shit. It will happen with EVERY SINGLE MOZILLA BROWSER, unless they change the way they check for compatibility, that is.

  24. 24 Babak

    James, look up I put the link to version 2 in a previous comment.

    v, I already did an uninstall and cleaned up with CCleaner. I’m not going to mess with my registry. Way too dangerous for little payoff. I’m with FF2 and I’m happy again.

    Morbus, you may be right dude but I did everything in my power to make it work. Why do other browsers work brilliant on my system? why does FF3 not? why are other people having the same or similar issues?

    cheshirepus, I’ve read that there is an add-on which will disable it and that you can also go into about:config to eliminate the “awesomeness”. If FF3 was running as it should I would probably keep it and get rid of the awesome bar via those options.

    Irish Jim, I didn’t consider it that way. But then again, Mozilla went with a totally new rendering engine which may have necessitated the break.

  25. 25 Baz L

    @Irish Jim
    I take it you’re not a coder. And I also take it that you haven’t taken a product from one major release to another. Sometimes things just change dude, that’s the whole point of upgrading versions. And 9 times out of 10 it is much harder (and usually dumber) to try to maintain backwards compatibility.

    Also, right now there are only about 3 add-ons that I use that haven’t been made compatible. So let’s all grow up and stop bitching about add-ons that weren’t compatible within the first 24 hours, OK? Because everyone’s major gripe was about FireBug and now it is.

    Now back to legitimate concerns:
    Something seems to be wrong, I’ll have to admit. I’m hoping that you’re now in agreement that the issue is, at least partially, environmental. With that said, here’s hoping that they find a solution for you. Or that you are happy with Opera.

    This kinda reminds me of the Wordpress 2.5 upgrade (which I still can’t get to work right), but ask yourself this: How many people said these exact same things about FF2 when it just came out? And where are they now?

    To conclude: Software gets updated, usually for the benefit of the majority. If you aren’t in that majority, then you need to build your own browser I guess.

    With all the new “iffy” stuff that FF3 has to offer, I find that it is light years away from FF2 in terms of memory management and CPU utilization.

  26. 26 Morbus

    @Irish Jim

    In every single extension there is a line of code (or multiple lines) that say what versions of what browsers are compatible with the extension. So it’s the extensions’ fault that THEY are incompatible, not the other way around.

    Stop talking.

  27. 27 D

    Any plans to post meaningful market commentary again in the near future?

  28. 28 JB

    I feel lost without your market input. When do you think you will be up again?

  29. 29 prairiepiper

    Hey Babak,

    I don’t use Firefox myself, but I noticed this guy ( is quite knowledgable with computers and is himself a fan of Firefox. Maybe you can fire him a few emails in regards to your issues.

    Keep up the great commentary!!

  30. 30 databank

    FF 3 crashes on me every 3 minutes. It just closes and I loose all of the tabs I have opened. Of course, if I run it gain the tabs are still there, but as something made it crash, it just crashes again. Lame lame lame. Worst FF ever!!!! I’m starting to use Safari, but I really miss add ons :(

  31. 31 Babak

    Thanks for all the emails and comments. Yes I will be back up and posting very soon :-)

  32. 32 Baz L

    Hey Babak, sorry FF3 isn’t working out for you and sorry that this thread has taken on a life of its own, but I have one more point:

    Morbus makes a good point: Every extension has a lil’ XML file in which you’ll find these lines:


    So please, please, pretty please, stop blaming FF3 for extension compatibility, OK? Also, if you download the Mr. Tech Toolkit extension you can right click on an extension and “Make Compatible” (at your own risk of course).

  33. 33 thorn

    “the “awsome bar” is about as useful and interesting as Jar Jar Binks”

    And just as annoying.

  34. 34 Tiago

    You can also add a boolean line to the about:config “extensions.compatibilityCheck” and set it to false. It’s easier and won’t get you into so much trouble as adding a whole new extension…

  35. 35 databank

    No, its not the extensions. I have 2, both upgraded and downloaded from FF’s page. If they don’t control their stuss who will? I mean, I love (used to really) FF, but this is really bad, I am a ac user by the way

  36. 36 WIll

    You aren’t the only one. I’m about to uninstall this browser make IE8 my main browser. My issues include:

    1) flash video not working
    2) the rss button in the address bar no longer takes me to google reader, forcing me to search in the page source for the url to the rss feed so i can manually add it myself
    3) frequent crashes

  37. 37 Databank

    mmmm well, there are a lot of alternatives instead of IE 8 :D

    For instance, I m using Opera now, and loving it. Sometimes I use Safari too, I switched to Mac because of Vista, so for me, FF3 is for Firefox what Vista was for Windows.

  38. 38 Happy FF2 user

    Why did you even upgrade to FF3 in the first place? FF2 is great, and if it ain’t broke…

  39. 39 Happy Mosaic user

    Was FF1 broken? ;-)

    As people here said, FF3 is faster and has better memory management plus other features.

    Major s/w releases will always have issues, at least for some users, that take a while to iron out (regardless of betas and RCs).

  40. 40 teodor

    hi i have a lot of trobles with FF3 the flash animations work like hell i can’t even wacth youtube many times and i use firefox since i know about what is the internet but i realy thing firefox 3 suks so ii passed to the laste verion of forefox 2 that i found on filehippo

  41. 41 Happy FF2 user

    Enough already. This used to be on my short list of “must check daily” websites, and now it has turned into a steaming pile of sh*t.

    Changing browsers is a simple fu**ing thing, so get your sh*t together, or you will lose the traffic you built up over a long time by posting quality information.

  42. 42 Markus

    it is amazing that the FF3 post got so many comments compared to most of all your trading related stuff.
    Anyway I think your are doing a good job.


  43. 43 Markus

    it is amazing that the FF3 post got so many comments compared to most of all your trading related stuff.
    Anyway I think your are doing a good job.


  44. 44 JB

    Babak Are you posting your coment somewhere else?

  45. 45 JB

    Does anyone know if Babak is coming on line anytime soon?

  46. 46 musicman

    the “awsome bar” is about as useful and interesting as Jar Jar Binks

    Oh how I love that line. The awesome bar is ghey

  47. 47 Japan

    FF3 sucks ass. I tried to put up with it but just couldn’t take it and ended up rolling back to FF2. It wasn’t one big thing, but just a combination of all the little annoying bugs that drove me insane.

    Not only compatibility issues with extensions, but core functions of the browser got borked in FF3. Too bad, I like FF3’s GUI…but that’s the only thing I like about it. Anyway, FF2 rocks hard so I’m not exactly sad.

  48. 48 tapereader

    hey Babak,

    nice to see another persian stock operator conquer the financial markets.

    Check out my financial blog:


  49. 49 Jim Davis

    I am a POWER USER (lol) and my upgrade to FF3 has been very pleasant.

    I have had NO PROBLEMS on an install running many add ons. I did have one add on , a smooth scroller, that I thin kwas acting up, but the other 12 are fine. Roboform, noscript, adblocker, googlbar, etc.

    Can;t say why some are having problems but a fresh install and a new profile SHOULD fix it . And the awesomebar is very nice, thank you.


  50. 50 Mike S

    FF3 works great for me.
    I found a TabMixPlus and enough other plugings that work with it so I’m happy enough. with that aspect.
    Google “Firefox Fast Connection Fast Computer” and change some settings, you’ll probably see a noticeable speed improvement.

  51. 51 Markus

    Hey Babak, you founded a nice FF3 user group.
    By the way, anything market related you wanna share?

  52. 52 StockPICKER

    hey tapereader,

    very good site, super writing style, even better than this one.

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  53. 53 japan


    the article”the bull market still lives” is pretty interesting
    good call


  54. 54 bigmike

    this tapereader guy reminds me of young contrarian jesse livermore, his calls ain t bad

  55. 55 Holly

    Hi! Babak, are you alright? on a long vacation? Miss you very much and hope you’ll be back soon.

  56. 56 disapo

    i had intermittent slowness, dns and performance problems with FF2 on both mac and win, but nothing comparing to my experience on both platforms with FF3. even after turning off extensions, weird slowness makes the product unusable both in tiger and xp. i am a diehard FF supporter who stuck with it despite endless problems but this is a serious nightmare. i haven’t done it yet, but i may have NO CHOICE but use IE and Safari for my basic browsing. man, i am so, so disappointed. MOZILLA LISTEN UP. WE LOVE YOU BUT WE CAN’T LIVE ON MOLDY BREAD AND BITTER WATER!

  57. 57 Technex

    Oh man, I thought I was the only one.

    My FF keeps doing the same also. I’ve tried safe mode, creating a new profile but nada….

    On Vista.

    Why oh why :( .

  58. 58 Shamunda

    What I don’t understand or want to know is why are you using FireFox anyway ;)

  59. 59 Technex

    Because Firefox > Everything else?

  60. 60 HardHead

    I love the tools within FireFox but the damn thing keeps crashing after reloading 4-5 times - Waaaaaaaaaaaaa. Move over Steve Ballmer - I’m gonna be using Safari soon!


  61. 61 Lorenzo



    Babak ci sei ancora, o no ?
    Where are you gone ?

  62. 62 Markus

    Babak, congratulations! This post seems to be your most successful one in terms of comments. Maybe you are right in retiring from this blog. This post will take care of everything itself just fine - not need for new posts ;-) )

  63. 63 Matt F

    I have found an unacceptable amount of css issues on almost every site I visit. I can’t say I am particularly impressed. Back to safari.

  64. 64 Brother B

    I use a Mac and have noticed a trend in Mozilla dropping the Mac ball. I switched to FF3 from Camino because Camino refused to save any of my user preferences, ever. FF3 constantly breaks on me, refusing to load any web 2.0 content if it’s been launched for more than an hour or so. Usually relaunching the program corrects this, but what the hell? I love Firefox when it functions, but when it doesn’t it’s the most annoying program. It’s bad enough that 99% of apps run on Macs like they were Internet JAVA applets anyway, but this only makes it worse. It’s funny when YouTube loads like it a website from 1993 (all centered and in a long column with no embedded content) and tells me I need to update Flashplayer and then the Flash website loads the exact same way. Relaunching fixes it, usually, after the first try. Sometimes I have to relaunch twice because the first time I have to force quit the browser which negates the positive effects of relaunching it.

    It seems the trend in 21st century computing can be described as “the beginning of the end” as quality gets worse and worse, sliding rapidly towards utterly unusable technology.

    Good to see Mozilla at the forefront of this movement.

  65. 65 Brother B

    I use a Mac and have noticed a trend in Mozilla dropping the Mac ball. I switched to FF3 from Camino because Camino refused to save any of my user preferences, ever. FF3 constantly breaks on me, refusing to load any web 2.0 content if it’s been launched for more than an hour or so. Usually relaunching the program corrects this, but what the hell? I love Firefox when it functions, but when it doesn’t it’s the most annoying program. It’s bad enough that 99% of apps run on Macs like they were Internet JAVA applets anyway, but this only makes it worse. It’s funny when YouTube loads like it a website from 1993 (all centered and in a long column with no embedded content) and tells me I need to update Flashplayer and then the Flash website loads the exact same way. Relaunching fixes it, usually, after the first try. Sometimes I have to relaunch twice because the first time I have to force quit the browser which negates the positive effects of relaunching it.

    It seems the trend in 21st century computing can be described as “the beginning of the end” as quality gets worse and worse, sliding rapidly towards utterly unusable technology.

    Good to see Mozilla at the forefront of this movement. In fact, it’s so poor a program, this form isn’t even working correctly. I’m fighting it just to post this.

  66. 66 Shamunda

    This isn’t confusing as to how or why, but I use IE.

    Have been for years, whether it’s compliant or not i really don’t care. If i can see the page then the job is done. Here’s what interesting, as long as you ‘use windows’, you will be using IE to get FF :P or IE to get any browser unless your completely masochistic and are doing it all from the cli.

    All the other issues about security, plugins, etc..etc.. it’s all relative. Eventually all browsers will have similar functions.

    Opera does rock especially the new one. Maxthon hybrid, is just as good as anything i’ve seen Opera, FireFox, etc..

    Safari? Why is that even mentioned?

  67. 67 Declan Fallon

    Where are’t thou?

    Hope all is okay???


  68. 68 b.

    Hey Babak,

    I’m getting worried, please just write a word to let us all know you are ok.

  69. 69 david light

    Hello Babak,

    I like to read your resent discovery and view point. Thank you for your time and sharing.

  70. 70 Melaman

    Well, FFX3 has frustrated me to the point that I’m no longer going to use it.
    It’s the worse update in history as far as I’m concerned and I’m not fuffing around with trying to get browsers to work or video flash players installed any longer.

    FFX really have done themselves, and us, a great disservice!

  71. 71 Quinn

    the fact that I googled firefox sucks says it all.

  72. 72 Dalton

    Firefox 3 does really suck and the fact that they will not let you use older versions any more is the worse move I have seen them do. It locked up on me so many times and then just crash. I also turned there backs on the open source quality standards as well. I am waiting for a better browser to come out and sqash them. I am going to Opera.

  73. 73 rick

    I’ve also used Firefox for a long time, since the days of Phoenix, and will not be updating from FF2 until they …

    1. give users the option of completely disabling the awesome bar, I don’t mean superficially changing the way it looks (Oldbar) or by config hacks, I mean by a one click option to disable the awesome bar and all of it’s cacheing activites.

    2. give users an option to use the FF2 style bookmarks system, apart from various bugs, the FF3 bookmarks system is utterly confusing, no resizable bookmarks window, no floating bookmarks window, and I can’t sort bookmarks by name when right-clicking in the bookmarks sidebar.

    3. fix the crashes, I’ve had more crashes using FF3 for just one month than I’ve had using FF2 for one year … too many to list here!

  74. 74 Kairuka

    The compatibility issues for add-ons simply based on the line of code defining what version of Firefox it works with should be fixed by using MR Tech Toolkit (formerly Local Install). That said, I dislike FF3 for a large variety of reasons, including the fact that even using Tech Toolkit doesn’t get some add-ons to work. I even saved .xpi, changed to .zip, edited the line of code in question, and some of the add-ons that SHOULD work if that were the issue still don’t (like Form History Manager stopped working when FF2 came out). I understand that some of this is coming from closing security loopholes (Form History Manager was a good example of that, I think, even though I did really like using it…I still miss it), but some of it I think came from changing code for things that didn’t need to be changed. And what happened to the simple appearance of FF? I like the way FF has looked. And suddenly, it looks like JP from Grandma’s Boy has run amok trying to make the browser look slicker or edgier. I don’t want that, okay? Jeez. If you want to get metal legs, that’s fine, but leave the familiar appearance of my browser (which I might add, makes me feel warm and fuzzy) the hell alone.

    FF2 ftw, FF3 ftl. I feel about FF3 right now the way I feel about Vista. Even if it works properly (which is questionable), I still don’t like it. You wanna give me an awesome bar? How about an awesome crowbar to crack across the heads of the people who made FF3 this way? At least THAT would make me feel a little better!

  75. 75 Cindy Selzler

    Agree 100%! FIREFOX 3 SUCKS. So frustrated with it I have been searching for a way to go back to 2 but can’t find a download. I would delete the %$#% thing and go back if I could find it.

  76. 76 rick

    You can download Firefox 2 from here, it is still supported with the latest security updates the latest version is Firefox v2.0.0.16 …

  77. 77 eric

    i agree i hate firefox 3. i went back to using version 2 or IE7. to me IE7 is even beter than ff3

  78. 78 darrell

    Is Babak dead??? Where did he go?

  79. 79 rick

    … the ultimate penalty being forced to use Firefox 3 for eternity!

  80. 80 cindy selzler

    Tried to go back to FF2 with limited success. I believe there are leftovers from FF3 that is interferring with going back. Need to totally get rid of everything and start over but dread the whole saving the profile/bookmarks etc. business. Any advice where to look to get rid of all of FF3? Hate to get into it, but as it is, it is unusable.

  81. 81 John

    I *HATE* Firefox 3. About 1/3 of the time, the program never starts, then when I try opening a URL from the desktop I’m told that “Firefox is already running”. Sure enough, there it is in Windows Task Manager. I terminate it, start it again, and hope for the best.

  82. 82 Arby

    Well, I’m not thrilled with the mess that the bookmarks features are in. The sort feature is useless. The settings, at least where you can sort the way you want, don’t stick. Also, You can’t simplify the look. When going into ‘organize’, it always goes to a folder I don’t use, rather than the only folder I do use, namely the ‘menu’ bookmarks. Good grief! Well, I don’t know how good it is.

    But, So far, Everything else seems okay. Then again, I’m not tech savvy and so I won’t say just how good this is. I hate Microslop. I don’t hate Firefox. But how did those clever folks get something so easy so wrong?

    Let’s have an update that fixes these glitches and oversights Mozilla. Please and thank you.

  83. 83 Arby

    I should have added that I’m using Windows XP Home and my processor is an AMD 3200.

  84. 84 rick

    Mozilla do one major release per year so don’t hold your breath if your looking for a fix to Firefox 3 problems. The next major release of Firefox 3 is not until 2009.

    The extension “Add Bookmark here 2″ solved some of my bookmark problems in FF3.


  85. 85 firefox or IE

    Do you want more? Or do you want somebody to back this theory?

    There is this post that discusses the 10 Reasons Why You Should Not Download FireFox

  86. 86 Jay Tiz

    this rendered my computer to a slow mentally incompetent one legged deaf child, for real . the new version is absolutely horrible. i am unable 2 load pages such as myspace, and other sites i frequent, so all in all firefox blows literaly.

  87. 87 Jim Wicked

    Yea FIREFOX 3.0 Sucks Big time almost all me addons and theme’s don’t work no more its not that i am going to die from it but it just sucks ass

  88. 88 Lopati

    Upgraded to FF3,
    hated the look,
    hated the bookmarks,
    tried to fix the above
    went to moz site,
    downloaded FF2…16.

    Looking at the posts above glad I only wasted 30 minutes on 3 before going back to 2. Wonder how bad 4 will be?

    These things are like sports stars, pick your fav sport and you will see the cycle
    a youngan shows up with amazing skills,
    from there seems to improve,
    reaches a peak for a while,
    then starts to fade (while people still expect miracles),
    at this point some sell out while still has some value (i.e. google, linux)
    but inevitably fade away into obscurity (altavista, yahoo . . .)

    google is fading, ff has peaked and will slide soon, facebook has just about peaked, youtube will peak year end, and in 5 years kids will have no clue what any of those were.

    And for the curious microsoft’s secret: tell people the next version:’is NOT a new version, but something completely NEW AND DIFFERENT.’

  89. 89 Cisci Adler

    IE will be the best brwoser of earth firefox should let microsoft take care of things that firefox cant handle XD PWNED

  90. 90 Eristade

    You know what?

  91. 91 EddieBear

    Babak, I share your woes with this supposedly better upgrade. i’ve been playing with FF3 for 2 days now (Labor Day weekend, ironically), researching, tweaking about:config and adding plug-ins, trying to get it to look and perform as smoothly as FF2. Sure, FF3 is a bit faster, but I’m not willing to sacrifice compatibility and full customization for that relatively small gain. FF3’s so called “Awesome Bar” is FAR from awesome; which is why tons of users call it the “Aweful Bar”, and I agree wholeheartedly. If FF3 was a true “upgrade”, whereas it looked and behaved as its predecessor, but in which users had more control over configuration, then I would stick with it. I don’t know what caused the developers to deviate from this mentality, but I’m going back with the tried-and-true FF2 (currently v2.0.0.16) until they can get FF3 to be more user-friendly. Ironically, I’m actually using Apple Safari v3.1.2 (which is overall much faster than either FF version, but not very customizable) to compose this posting, since FF3 sucks so bad. -EB

  92. 92 Poe

    I’m amazed anyone thought that this could of been taken as an “UPGRADE”. it really is bad. I want FF2 back. The heck with this. My web history is a wreck and amazon keeps popping up. I had a long day at work and when I came home I was ready to relax and drink a beer maybe Youtube A few funny videos. But no I got the upgrade to FF3 and now I wanna get drunk and forget I even downloaded that ” Upgrade”.

  93. 93 mediatech

    I also had to give up on FireFox 3 and return to Some pages would just hang while loading. Rather than uninstall 3 I just installed back over it. It’s probably not the cleanest method but I did maintain passwords. Icons were lost however.

    The difference in response time even in pages that aren’t a problem is huge.

  94. 94 Bill

    I’ve given up on Firefox 3 because of the “awesome” bar. It sucks. I’ve tried various plug-in to make it like Firefox 2, but with no success. I will be reverting back to Firefox 2, and if that doesn’t work, then will be exploring using Opera or Chrome.

    They should have called that bar something other than “awesome”. Like fail bar. With extra lose features.

  95. 95 mediatech

    I did get most of my icons back by visiting about:config and resetting both and back to “true.”

    Having now surfed with for a few hours I can definitely say its faster than 3.

  96. 96 Alistair NYC

    Firefox 3 is a shocking regression in browser technology. For some reason it seems they decided that IE was the new standard they aspired to and started adding all kinds of crap that bugs up the program and interferes with user control of the browser, such as:

    -awesome bar

    -bizarre automated bookmark system

    -malware/phishing protection which is just spyware permanently integrated into your browser to send google all your browsing activity


    The original Firefox concept that made this product popular was: 1) simple; 2) power in the hands of the user; 3) robust stabillity because it contained no bullshit “features”;

    Basically, if I wanted to use a browser with “awesome, whiz bang! high five!” features that bugged everything up and took control of their computer away from the users then I would use I.E. AND SO WOULD EVERYONE ELSE. The only reason people started using Firefox at all was because they hated all that kind of crap and the poor stability, time wasting, and lack of user control that is part and parcel of “awesome, whiz bang! high five, next generation intelligent browser that does it all for you and you don’t even have to think!” features.

    Basically, it’s like Firefax traded their Jaguar in for a Yugo and think they have “upgraded”.

    It reminds me of what has happened to Wikipedia, which used to be this incredible communal record of human knowledge and idea, but threw all that away in a a misguided desire to build a better Encyclopedia Britannica and to retain an iron fist of control rather than giving control to the users.

    This same thing happens over and over again, it is just human nature, but it is humorous to see the same old crap manifest even in the form of web application development. Once a programmer or site owner at firefox, or google, or wikipedia, once they start to get a sniff of power, then they immediately start grasping at that power as much as possible and instinctively trying to control users instead of giving control to the users which was the original basis for their product/service’s success.

    Lucky that as long as the Internet stays free and content neutral then these established power interests can be torn down just as quickly as they arose once they lose their way.

    For example, Firefox 3 is a big disappointment, but there are plenty of other browsers to change to, whether it is something like Opera, or one of the many new ones that some smart kids in their garage are trying to turn into the “next big thing”. And since Firefox was open source [judging from the direction Firefox 3 is moving, it probably won’t continue to be completely open source for long is what I am guessin, since I.E is their new model to imitate], but since Firefox is open source then those smart kids in their garage can always go back and take the Firefox 2 source code and make a genuine upgrade from it to a browser that is even more stable, more simple, and puts more power into the hands of USERS.


  97. 97 Chuck

    3 svcks. Bookmarking is a nuisance, you can’t back track from the URL line, slow as death… Was anyone working on that P-O-S Vista involved with 3 or something? I’m back to now. I’ll stay there.

  98. 98 FFSucks

    I have to agree that Firefox Sucks ASS!!! I have installed it then uninstalled it so many times. This time with the Firefox 3 version, I of course downloaded it hoping that it would be much better than the rest… But I still get the same old crap…. It works great at first but then after the 2nd day pages don’t load all the way, images take forever, it sometimes crashes, it’s just a piece of Shit…. I now use Opera most of the time and I must say..It is much faster than FF and my pages always load as they should.

  99. 99 mr.atoz33

    I agree. I’m absolutely bummed that I downloaded it.
    1) Its ugly. They’ve taken a visually pleasant, simple design and given it a junky plastic toy look.
    2) Although the live bookmarks feature is an interesting addition, I find on the whole they’ve mucked up the standard book marking functions. They’ve made the folder selection process for placing you bookmark overly busy and complicated while at the same time they’ve slashed the very useful previous bookmark organizer menu in half. Where did “rename folder” go for instance.
    3) I’ve found working in both ends of the bookmarking system buggy and sticky. What was once elegant, smoothly functional, highly intuitive and self evident has overnight become a pain in the ass. Thus the junky plastic toy look in a perverse way is its perfect complement.
    4) Overall impression: If it wasn’t broken why the hell did you go and fix the freakin thing!!!! I’ve only a little experience with it but perhaps its time for Safari.
    5) At least I have a reason for not buying the T shirt now

  100. 100 mediatech

    As I mentioned earlier I regressed back to FireFox 2.00.16 because 3.0X was such a disaster. I’ve used Opera and have it loaded but just recently updated it to 9.52 from an earlier version of 9.X. Wow - the difference between Opera and FireFox is stunning. Pages load much faster and I’m not getting these strange FireFox-related “hangs” when I back arrow or click a new link. This is even happening in 2.00.16. Somewhere along the way Mozilla “broke” V 2.00. I’m tempted to try 2.00.14 next as I continue regression.

    Opera needs a little training WRT updating my passwords in it, but it’s about to become my default browser. Opera seems to have the speed of Chrome. Chrome, being beta, is lacking in a lot of customization making it more of a novelty and less of a tool. Chrome will get there eventually.

    Opera deserves some serious consideration by all of us disgusted with FireFox 3.

  101. 101 Kirby

    Yup, it sucks. Back to firefox 2, or maybe opera.

  102. 102 Ales

    Here;s a word from a web developer: FireFox 3 is completely useless and causes a lot of headaches - there are several problems, ranging from html rendering itself to javascript load orders, memory leaks (900 megs ram usage …) to being overall slow with dynamic content.

    Used to be a favourite with most of the developers because of awesome FireBug addon with FireFox 2 but the new one just causes more problems than it solves. Mozilla really went the wrong direction this time - it seems the Netscape story repeating all over again :(

    Oh well, good thing Google release Chrome which helps ease the pain of finding another non IE browser.

  103. 103 remowo

    Same problems here…

    I guess that’s the price for glory and money…

    They made firefox the number 1 browser, a very popular piece of software and now for no “obvious” reason the staff it with themes, look n feel bullcrap and beautiful colors.

    People around the world showed firefox owners and developers that the prefer efficiency and stability a LOT MORE than colors - beauty - community add-ons - community add-ins -community this - community that……….
    The community around firefox is a powerfull one and needs to be fed one way or another.

    I think that Rome is going down this winter ….

    Any good firefox alternatives…? Maybe IE is now the choice?! [no way] hahahah!

  104. 104 Eric


    I think IE8 will be a much better choice that FF3 to be honest.

  105. 105 Judy

    I hate firefox 3 :(
    I’m typing from opera right now too.
    Firefox almost never loads for me! My internet connection is connected and the pages are still soo laggy, and when they do load the css won’t show either X_X
    When I try to open ff3 sometimes “Firefox is still currently running, please close the remain windows or w/e to restart firefox”! I mean seriously :(
    Hate it.

  106. 106 Darren

    This new firefox sucks. Several of the web pages I try to access just cause my browser to freeze. And what’s even more pathetic is that when I try to go to the firefox web page and try to post my message on the forum it causes the browser to freeze. I’ve spent way to much time on this problem and have decided to just import all of my bookmarks to another browser and just uninstall firefox from my computer. Hopefully I can find an older version to install somewhere. Shame on you firefox for putting out such a lame browser.

  107. 107 scritti_politti

    firefox-2 is still supported by mozilla, and so are most of the add-ons & extensions, I will continue to use ff2 until they fix the suckiness in ff3. the latest firefox-2 is version download it from here:

  108. 108 Georg

    Firefox 3 bookmark editing is simply impossible.
    It should not slow down my computer (Athlon XP 2600 processor), but it does. To the point that 100% CPU load occurs when accessing or attempting to move a single bookmark. This is not an issue with any other browser nor is it one with FF2. Only one with FF3. I am switching over to K-Meleon. Loads faster, usable, simple, effective. Why should I need an external bookmark editor for the simple task of moving some bookmarks into their according folders? That has not happened to me since 1996 and it wont happen now.

  109. 109 John

    FF3 sucks.

    There is no question. The changes made to it are horrible and result in it spending tremendous amounts of time waiting on IO. This was the least well thought out change I have ever seen in an OSS project. They have worked to make something good (FF2) much more like something bad (IE).

    I would like to move to a different browser, but I am worried about support by clueless web developers.

    The FF3 team should be ashamed of this release.

  110. 110 Darren

    I’m done with firefox entirely. what a piece of s**t!

  111. 111 Moshitta Firefuck

    Firefox refuses to load pages for me. I just see white crap. I’m uninstalling it and goes to Opera, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer.

  112. 112 Firefox 2 Forever

    FIREFOX 3 SUCKS. How and why could the developers spend so much time breaking what used to work great in Firefox 2? I tried migrating a few months ago, but it was unbearable. Unfortunately, I am typing this on FF3 (due to the dropping of security support in FF2) and they haven’t fixed any of the problems that have been around for 6+ months. Their motto with FF3 seems to have been, “If it ain’t broke, break it.” (And add a lot of useless bloat while you’re at it.) The The Awesome bar is garbage, ever new feature is something that slows navigation down with extraneous crap. No amount of extensions can get it back to the very useful functionality of the old navigation bar. The change to Page Zoom is annoying. Instead of remembering the Zoom setting for every page, a useful improvement would have been a global Zoom for all tabs with an ON/OFF switch. That would have been perfect for viewing on different displays. As it is now, you have to go in an change all the font settings every time you switch displays. Adding bookmarks, adding new bookmark folder in the Bookmark menu and the Sidebar is painfully slow. I’m losing minutes a day, probably adding up to lost hours a month waiting for the new, improved system to process a simple add new bookmark command. WHAT WAS THE THOUGHT PROCESS HERE? Hmm, let’s see, flat HTML bookmarks are instantaneous, they handle tons of bookmarks perfectly and HTML bookmarks are a long-established, cross-platform, cross-browser standard. Let’s spend a lot of time and effort developing a new system that’s exponentially slower. I’m sure the users will love surfing like it’s 1994 all over again. PLEASE, PLEASE restore the Firefox 2 bookmark system and navigation bar, or at least make them options or even an addons, so loyal Firefox 2 users can get back to efficient browsing as usual and all the people who enjoy using a slow, broken (but new and shiny) system can stick with all the excruciating Firefox 3 defaults.

  113. 113 Olivier

    I thought I was the only one on earth so upset with FF3. I can’t for the life of me get FF3 to display flash correctly on all websites. Most websites work but some don’t display flash content. Everything about FF3 is worse than with FF2. Anyway. I’ve gone back to FF2 a few months ago. I just needed to vent as I can’t understand how anybody who’s right in their mind can call FF3 an improvement over FF2. I tried Safari and Opera. Safari sucks. Opera has some potential but overall it is still crappy compared to FF2. Of course all that is just one man’s opinion.

  114. 114 eric

    hello from eric i just redid some of the commets for fire fox its not a good web site to go to i went back to internet explorer that is the best to any one thinking on useing fire fox dont go to the web site or down load the site it took me 4 days to fix my computer ok fire fox may be good to others but not me so i advise not to go to fire fox it will fuck up your computer ok thats all ok o i for got i tride fire fox i had a hard time playing video games and the you tube videos dinot werk at all so i still advise not to use fire fox ok thanks ok from eric wade johnson age 45

  115. 115 shags

    Before I start on FF3: Eric! It’s called punctuation, and it is your friend.

    I just installed FF3 on my computer, and I am really, really PO’ed about it. If it were possible to strangle people through the Internet, many Mozilla people would have bruised and/or snapped necks right now.

    I loved FF2. It made me swear off of IE.

    But FF3? WTF happened? I shouldn’t have to constantly pour over the internet just to get my internet to work.

    1. Pages load painfully slow. I used to day trade stocks using an on-line stock charting service. I had to put that on hold because the charts don’t refresh fast enough to stay on top of the price changes. Can I sue the Mozilla geeks for losses?
    2. Every time I start my browser, my firewall notifies me that my internet connection has changed, when in reality, no, it has not. My firewall never did that with FF2 unless I had actually left my house and was using WiFi at the bar.
    3. Having multiple tabs open jams page loading on other tabs. This gets back to the stock charts; the charts refresh themselves automatically. However, that freaks FF3 out. I’ve had four tabs try to load over and over to the point that I had to force FF3 to quit. Once, my whole computer jammed up so bad I had to pull the battery out from my laptop to kill FF3. And just so the geeks out there know, yes, I scan for viruses, clean out old files, and defrag my hard drive regularly. As in literally every-other-day regularly.
    4. Java no longer works. At all.
    5. (This one isn’t a problem; just complaining) What is with the “back” button? Why so big? Were they worried we wouldn’t notice it unless it was ridiculously large?

    Mozilla, you used to be cool. Not anymore. When you go to improve something, make sure you are actually making it better. Screwing around is just screwing up.

  116. 116 tomkat

    George said he downloaded the new Firefox 3 and couldn’t be happier. He either works for Mozilla or is too stupid to notice the changes between FF2 and FF3

  117. 117 Dooner

    I also have experienced literally a NIGHTMARE scenario after I upgraded to FF3.

    Not only does it crash continuously, will not load certain pages, has “ghost” images frequently, will not let you scroll, does not load at all, but I have also noticed that FF3 has somehow interfered with the speed I can now download/upload files at.

    Interesting that with the new version comes a “crapbar” that appears as if it was entirely sponsored by Yahoo.

    Oh, did I also mention that now my computer makes random error code noises now too?

    What a brilliant idea it was to offer this piece of trash to millions upon millions of people when I am sure the developers new all along that a large percentage of machines were going to have major issues with this release.

    I am so ticked off I am switching to Opera or any other browser that works. I have been using FF for 6 years I believe and it has come to their apparent greed to force me to switch.

    I tried to revert to FF2 and now have major problems there. Don’t have the time to screw around with tweaking my system (and why should we???!!!, Firefox should have WARNED us about these issues).

    As one person above stated ” I googled Firefox Sucks” and came to this website. Same here. Goodbye Firecrap.

    Wonder when they will follow Googles lead and go public? Seems like it is already in the works.

  118. 118 Fagget

    OKAY i was forced to use this and it sucked my ass hard. i wanted to watch vidoes and it sucks balls it woint let me D:

  119. 119 Kyle

    I know! It does that for me too! I can’t even do my schoolwork! Overall, I just hate it! It’s better than Google Chrome, though. I can’t even browse on Google Crome.

  120. 120 enough

    i’m using ubuntu, firefox-3 halts connections, doesn’t close properly and finally hangs, and can’t open new urls.
    if you do an update all tabs when having 3 or 4 complex webs will be loading forever without completing the process. no way. back to the good old firefox-2 which also paints web pages better than 3.

  121. 121 lulu

    I hate Firefox because I have to open it 500 times before it does not crash!

  122. 122 Irfan

    What really got my goat was that Firefox upgraded itself to 3 without asking me. I refused several times and then it just went ahead it itself.

    The location/address bar sucks but Seth’s add-on makes it bearable. Oh, and no bookmarks or passwords. Great.

  123. 123 Rob

    You know, the saddest thing is that over 7, yes MORE THAN SEVEN months after release:
    - it’s not that there are still not the options almost everybody wants to de-suck it (such as screwed up bookmarks etc.)
    – but that it’s STILL so SEVERELY BROKEN.

  124. 124 Irfan

    Every possible permutation of a page visited shows up in the address/location bar (e.g. logon/logoff/whathaveyou). Is there any way of getting rid of this damn clutter?

  125. 125 Rear Guy

    Something with me too. Searching for anything in their new address bar freezes up the browser temporarily and frequently crashes in youtube and .I guess it is a conspiracy, forcing Firefox to suck so we’d switch over to Chrome (which is promoted on the google page). Firefox and google do have some connections. Anyway, Chrome’s kind of cool.

  126. 126 Irfan

    Seth Spitzer’s oldbar in conjunction with some of the tweaks detailed here do much to restore sanity to the address/location bar. Working well for me — so far.

  127. 127 Anon

    I was able to keep my Firefox 2 Portable even though the update was pending by deleting some updates folder, which looked like it was just full of logs, fyi. After that, I disabled the Update-Check for Firefox in Tools>Options>Advanced>Updates. Then I killed the process with Task Manager (That is forcing it to get killed, lol). And when I used Firefox again, it said the update failed in the logs. When I looked again, the folders reappeared, but all those stupid update stuffies disappeared.

    Once, I’ve tried Firefox 3. It sucked BADLY. Oversized crap, and more crud. I reverted to Firefox 3 by first keeping a backup of Firefox 3 files, then install Firefox 2, again… Then I just dragged some configuration files onto Firefox 2, and it worked, lol. I recommend you get Firefox 2 from, and disable updates :) .

    Btw, I can’t be more happier then Firefox removing my Phisher alert thing. I don’t like Googleness on my Firefox 2 :D . And for the love of god, get Adblock for Firefox 2, with some kinda popup blocker. And get the Bible Blue skin, perfect/sleek.

    And don’t fucking complain about Firefox memory leaks. EVER. On average, it only cooks up 10-20 Mbs of RAM. Which every browser’s gotta have. And if you want me to go to Opera or IE, NO. Opera is a freak circus, and IE, the friggin’ snail with a filtered/blurred screen plus super-slow page loading technology.

  128. 128 Democrat Retard

    Right. Firefox image rendering is bullshit. Who cares if it’s a little faster than IE? FF is the only browser that renders images in a way that is not true to what you cut in photoshop to blend images and CSS colors. I’ll take IE any day over this shitty browser. Security *LAUGH* as if developers treating this as a hobby can do better than the professionals that are paid well to develop IE. CSS Standards Compliance *LAUGH* any control suite has dozens of FF workarounds because it is not compliant. They even forgot basic shit like image repeating in previous versions *doh*. Sounds like amateur project gone buzz gone popular stupidity to me.

    Much like the unthinking drones who call a certain individual “papa bear” codified by their favorite priest of liberal ideology *insert comedian name here*. The irony of ‘free thinking’ has manifest.

  129. 129 jason b

    not just you… i literally just updated my firefox today about 4 hours ago and almost every web page i go to it freezes my cursor. Almost like the page is not responding but when i bring up my task manager it says its running. And i guess it is technically but the problem is that its running at 100% of my cpu even now as im typing this its using 100%????. Now i am using a laptop at the moment but it doesn’t suck bad enough to need all of its thinking power to surf the web. besides that firefox 2 never had this problem. my main question is can i revert back to the old version? i think i could uninstall 3 and download V2 again but that’s a hassle then i would be asking me to update all the time ….

  130. 130 Horus Vrae

    firefox three works perfectly on my macbook, perhaps its just the losedows versions that are screwed. anyways version three for windows seems to take ages to dload from the site.. lol

  131. 131 Aydin

    I hate firefox too. I usually use either Opera(Strongly recommend) or for me even IE is better than firefox. And latest version of firefox still full of bugs.

  132. 132 Ancient Japan

    Firefox 3 Issues

    1. Mouse Gestures Redox randomly stops working. Possible compatibility issue with Tax Mix Plus. Need Mouse Gestures Redox as it is the only Mouse Gestures plugin I can find that supports diagonal gestures. People who are decent with a mouse will appreciate diagonal gestures.

    2. Tab browser preferences no longer works so must install Tab Mix Plus. I don’t have any problem with the functionality of Tax Mix Plus, but have concerns that it might be f’ing with my Mouse Gestures Redox addon as mentioned above.

    3. Mozbackup does not restore extensions correctly in FF3. None of the extensions work after being restored and if you click on the options it freezes the addons window. I didn’t mess with FEBE as this is an extension and I don’t want to rely on an extension for backing up my Mozilla profile and settings. I must have full functionality for backups.

    For the reasons above I have decided to stay with FF2 even after multiple “upgrade” attempts to FF3.

  133. 133 ghost rider

    i also updated to the firefox 3 and discovered right away that it wont delete previously visited web sites. i removed it from my system and discovered that i couldnt or it wouldnt let me download any previous version. thank god i burned a copy of the firefox 2 version to a cd when i first downloaded it. now that i have it installed on my pc it works correctly now. donot update to the 3 version!

  134. 134 Yep

    Yep, Opera is faster, safer and down right better then FF3.

  135. 135 Anon

    Actually, Opera loads about 5x slower.

  136. 136 asdfads

    I am so sick of firefox 3.

    I had no problems with firefox 2 at all.

    Firefox 3 crashes all the time.

    In periods it just won’t show some webpages correctly.

    The new url bar sucks, and it is retarded that there is not even an option to keep the old functionality. I know about oldbar, but that only changes the looks, not the behavior.

    Constantly firefox hangs when there’s java stuff on a page.

    Constantly firefox stays in memory for a while, after closing it.

    All these problems for what? I see not one single improvement over firefox 2.

  137. 137 Moo Cow

    OMG! I Googled Firefox sucks as well! xD (This was the third link that came up)

    I completely agree with almost everything you’ve said here.

  138. 138 Sarkasmi

    The same exact thing is happening with me. And another thing that’s been menacing my computer is the toolbar.

    I mean what the f*ck? Usually the pages load ok, unless firefox shits on em.. and when they do the page opens and it immediately redirects to “Search not found” page.

    That firefox 3 = Unbearable, unusable internet experience.

    Changing to opera and getting the fuck rid of the bullshit NOW.

  139. 139 Andy

    where is the motherfucking address/location bar what the fuck ever

  140. 140 niggaSigfreed

    if fire fox dosnt work good or is not fast its because you have a fucking shitty ass computer get the fuck over it

  141. 141 mediatech

    “if fire fox dosnt work good or is not fast its because you have a fucking shitty ass computer get the fuck over it”

    Thank you for your informative enlightened reply. Yes, I guess all of us have “shitty ass computers” and we’re just not as fortunate as you in having a nice machine and great attitude. I, for one, am glad for that. How many taxpayers paid for yours?

  142. 142 Wal

    I’ve been struggling with FireFox for a long time now, it has some *serious* memory problems. Besides if you work with more than a few tabs, it gets really SLOW. It might be good for casual use with only a few tabs open which explains why some people are really loyal for it, for the heavy users who open a large number of tabs at the same time (me included), it totally sucks!

    I recently switched to Opera and I’m MUCH happier now, it doesn’t consume all my memory and it’s a lot faster with a large number of tabs open, it also has a feature I’ve been looking for for way too long, which is the ability to save sessions and load them at any time (FireFox can only open the tabs from last session, when you close it and run it again, or when it crashes, but you can’t save the session and load it at any time). I tried some of the plug-ins that does this in FireFox but they were quite buggy (tab plus and others), they crashed way too often and made me lose some or most of the tabs I had in the session. Opera does this out of the box. The only problem I had with opera was that I wasn’t able to change the background color to black on pages (I do this to relieve my eyes as I spend a lot of time browsing and that white background kills my eyes), but I recently managed to do that (using a user stylesheet) and I made the switch.

  143. 143 Stephen

    Yeah im having the exact same problems im on xp sp2 and this fucking sucks. Anytime i try to load anything with flash it locked up, ill close it try to re open and it will say its still running so i have to go into task manager, half of the website i go to load in text without any graphics and tis slow as fuck. I used to be all firefox since firefox one and now im gunna switch to something else, Im looking at google chrome right now.

  144. 144 Harold Ward

    Please, if everyone would kind use the correct spelling:


    It’s had its day, what with Koovan Meatnick pushing it from the get go. What a joke. He is a RELIC and hides behind “social engineering” because he can’t ride with the black hats.

    The internet is nothing but a cesspool of consumerism horse hockey. I’m done with it. Stupidest scam since “free” commercial television and the x and whine generations are buying it hook line and s(t)inker.

    SCREW IT. Sick of UPDATES Sick of always FIXING CRAP.

    TIME STEALER. The most important thing you will EVER have is your TIME. Yet we willingly “beta test,” “give feedback,” “show our support….”

    I’m going to Tibet and I’m not taking anything that runs on batteries.








    Your X boxes, your iphones, your PSPs your “internet notebooks” your pathetic GUITAR HERO(vomit)

    I feel better already. This is the last thing I will ever post. My plane flight for the first leg to Tibet is Monday.

    Enjoy all the “virtual reality” CRAP that Mondo 2000 magazine put such a frickin’ SPIN ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LAUGH A BULL ~!!!!!!!!!!!

    “R U Sirius?” Guess NOT! Oh…gee, let me “hack” a gamer’s “power glove.”

    I’m going for reality. I’m done. I knew I myself was “jumping the shark” when I put thousands of dollars into a water cooled quad processing monster…

    and for WHAT?????????????

    To run inferior software that is released on the consumer before it is thoroughly tested?

    So some prudes can chirp “Hey, Harold, I’m not having any of the problems you are having, why don’t you try….”

    Why don’t you walk up a dark alley and holler “fish”? You got it?

    I WILL NEVER COME BACK. I wasted YEARS of my life writing code only to see it bastardized by yuptard freaks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Java is a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The name alone implies some affected angst ridden pimpled youngster living in a coffee shop, “workin’ on that novel….”


    (pulling the plug……..)

  145. 145 NYCGRIFF

    Without question, Firefox has tumbled. Each and every so-called update has pushed this once fine browser further and further into the abyss. Pages will not load. Links have to be clicked more than once. “Timeouts” have become the norm… The list of problems just grows with every session. WTF? If you’re one of the lucky few who haven’t experienced these abnormalities, well, God bless you. Personally, I’ve gone back to Safari and IE (woe is me). Something that I never thought I’d do. But, given the many problems with Firefox, I had little recourse. This once great “Mozilla Project” dream has turned into a freakin’ *nightmare*! There is no defense folks.

  146. 146 mediatechnology

    Dittos to all of the above. One really has to wonder what special mojo Firefox’s developers machines have that keeps it from appearing so hopelessly broken to them. Do they not actually use the product? Maybe Microsoft is paying them to break it. The destruction of Firefox may be a deliberate inside job.

  147. 147 S-Article

    FF3 sucks big time. I’m a web developer and i usually tend to have multiple tabs open at once, every 30 minutes FF3 crash, every 2-3 crashes, FF3 cannot restore the windows anymore. Other than that i use yahoo mail and whenever i try to switch from one email to another is like i’m downloading the internet. I miss good all times when i was using FF2.

    I will wait the next update if things stay the same i will switch to another browser.

  148. 148 Firefox 3 blunder

    Yea, Firefox 3 was and still is a colossal blunder. The philosophy changed for the worst, from giving the user all of the options to how they want the browser to be and look and a simple browser that was Firefox until version 3, to now where new features that are mandatory and are crap and bloat and you can’t turn them off and the new philosophy is “WE KNOW BEST”.

    I will be using Firefox 2 for years until its no longer able to be used with websites on the internet, and I expect it will be good for at least a few years until it becomes completely obsolete then will see if a new browser that is like the old Firefox has arrived by then.

    By the way here is the link to get the last version of Firefox 2:

    That is for the windows english version, you can go to higher level directories for other systems and languages on that link.

    There are tutorials on the Firefox website on how to completely uninstall Firefox 3 if you want to go back to the version 2.

  149. 149 X_demob

    Totally agree with the last post, I’m still on Firefox v2.0.0.2 , my extensions continue to work although I have to use older versions, but everything is fine on FF2, I ocassionaly do download FF3 just to see if they’ve improved things but FF3 remains both complicated and bloated software, the bookmarking system in FF3 is a particular pet hate, devised by someone who lost the plot!

  150. 150 NYCGRIFF

    I grabbed a copy of Firefox v2.0.0.20 and will also continue to use it until the Mozilla crowd cleans up their act. With all of the complaints about FF3 abounding across the Net, hopefully they’ll put their newly-acquired arrogance aside and buckle down and fix these issues. We all can’t be wrong about these problems…

  151. 151 GUEST

    would be nice if we coul get a 2.x ver back - I can only assume mozilla lost ALL their programmers b4 working on the 3.x versions and were forced to hire circus chimps - the trash they came out with makes MS explorer look like a godsend.

  152. 152 Babak

    Guest, you can get old versions at the aptly named: and also at filehippo (for a pile of software, not just firefox)

  153. 153 Reinfield

    For years,I have suffered at the hands of Firefox.
    I have spent countless hours in frustration reading how-to’s on optimizing network settings and also have through the Mozilla-zine pored to no avail.
    Tonight,in a fit of pique,switched browsers and within minutes was enjoying long lost
    websites which FF2x/3x could never load.
    Music,Movies,Pictures and indeed all the goodness of the World wide web are mine again and I feel that same thrill that has been absent for so long.
    There are many fine browsers out there,all one has to do is grit the teeth one last time refreshing and restarting Firefox till your search is complete and your mind made up.
    Go now and secure the blessings of the world community at large.
    Your friend,Rein.

  154. 154 Moses

    See this, I think firefox is no longer the best…

  155. 155 alphadog

    Firefox always sucked. Never rendered anything right to begin with. Just it sucks less than IE that’s why me and everyone else uses it.

  156. 156 asdf

    FF3 bookmark management and navigation is a pain in the ass. For one, why do they insist on having three separate, undeleteable folders to navigate (bookmarks toolbar, bookmarks menu, and unsorted bookmarks)?! Please, just let me delete those stupid bookmarks toolbar and unsorted bookmarks folders.

    And secondly, it’s a pain in the ass that every time you bookmark a page you have to hit the down arrow to open the submenu of folders to bookmark into. If you bookmark a lot, this gets to be a huge pain in the ass.

    FF3 bookmark management sucks!

  157. 157 Worst browser ever

    wow they really let me down
    I will never use again, they ruined a good thing
    destroyed my bookmarks auto updating bastards dont hijack my computer

  1. 1 Firefox 3.1 coming up : Trader Eyal

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