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Free Real Time NASDAQ Quotes (From Google) at Trader’s Narrative

Ever since Google’s breathless announcement more than a year ago that they were going to offer real time stock quotes to everyone, I’ve been waiting to see if they would make good on their promise.

Well, it took much longer than they or anyone else thought but you can now get “real time” data for NASDAQ traded securities on the internet for free.

I put real time in quotes because the data is refreshed every second and only the trades that cross on the NASDAQ platform will be transmitted. So trades that take place on the NYSE, AMEX and other ECNs are not included. This is a key factor and will become more so as competing platforms continue to attract trades away from traditional exchanges. Just be aware that you are not getting the complete picture.

And that means that no matter how interesting this announcement is, no serious trader is going to cancel their data subscription just yet. But for everyone else, it is a nice little bonus to be able to have just this much more accurate stock prices.

I’m curious but haven’t found anything regarding how exactly this works or what sort of deal was struck. Selling real time data was and is the bread and butter of traditional trading platforms such as NYSE and NASDAQ. Obviously the rules have changed.

For now the data will only appear in the top search engine result when you type in a stock symbol, otherwise known as the OneBox:

free real time nasdaq quotes from google

But soon the data stream will be diverted to flow into the large charts. And although Google spearheaded this initiative, the NASDAQ free real-time data partnership includes Dow Jones & Co. affiliate sites such as CNBC, WSJ, MarketWatch and Barron’s. So keep an eye out for it on those sites as well.

As if it needs to be said: I would strongly recommend against using this data service to actually place trades intra-day. Especially in fast moving market conditions. But if you are swing trading or position trading and don’t particularly care about the sort of fill you get, I suppose it can be a good “backup” quote provider or sorts.

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6 Responses to “Free Real Time NASDAQ Quotes (From Google)”  

  1. 1 Ed

    Barron’s just announced free real-time quotes for Nasdaq AND NYSE. Must be some new policy by the exchanges … curious that Google quotes don’t include NYSE listings.

  2. 2 Darrell

    Awsome thanks for pointing that out! So many of the quote providers out are total junk! Its a shame really. Thomson has now bought Reuters so less competition in the space.

    The other day we had a broker who had his thomson loaded up with real time / lvl 2 quotes for every market, he didnt realize he was getting billed 864$ a month. On average it is still 400$ a month just for a basic setup and it still crashes all the time and customer service is some guy who doesn’t speak english in a third world country somewhere… terrible!

    I hear good things about Bloomberg but apparently that is about 1000$ a month? I personally am sticking with quotestreampro … awsome platform!


  3. 3 Babak

    Ed, yes, as I wrote, all Dow Jones online properties are included in the deal. And I’m sure others will join in as well.

    Darrell, I hadn’t heard of QSpro before. how much is it? couldn’t find much info on it online or on their own site.

    Bloomberg is the rolls royce platform, you don’t just get quotes (of every conceivable security/future, etc.) but you get much much more. Sure it is around a grand a month but it is very much worth it considering everything it provides. The only disadvantage is that it is still mired in a DOS like system so the learning curve is steep.

  4. 4 Darrell

    Quotestream Pro is still in an infant stage, basically still in beta test mode. We are not paying anything for it at the moment as we are helping iron out the bugs with the QSpro development guys. Depending on how many users you sign up im guessing about 100-150$ a month. It is also Java based so you can sign in on any PC with internet and get realtime quotes. Plus they have a slick wireless application for the blackberry / smart phones.

    Damn… its starting to sound like I work for them in sales now!

  5. 5 Babak

    Interesting, can anyone get in on the beta? who is behind the company? odd but I can hardly find anything on them.

    ps don’t worry about sounding like an ad, I do that too about services and products that I believe are of high quality. If it were a spammy comment it wouldn’t have survived ;-)

  6. 6 Sarah

    thanks for the helpful tips

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