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Free Wi-Fi at Trader’s Narrative

Free Wi-Fi

Toronto Hydro Telecom.pngFor those who wanted to trade while picnicing in the park or sipping a cappucino at your favourite cafe, Toronto Hydro Telecom is offering free Wi-Fi blanketing Toronto’s downtown core. The service is free from September 6th 2006 to March 6th 2007. Afterwards you can purchase a monthly subscription for $29.

I’m glad to see such an option available but I ask myself who in their right mind would go for it when the temperature drops and the snow starts falling? I know you can use it indoors also but then what advantage does it have? Why wouldn’t you just keep your regular ISP connection?

The other concern that I have is the speed and reliability. Toronto Hydro Telecom says you can reach 7 megabits but that smacks of a theoretical. I wonder what the average user would get. Probably much, much less than that. But hey, its free so give it a try. Here are the simple instructions.

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