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Global Equity Macromap at Trader’s Narrative

Global Equity Macromap

I love the art of data visualization so whenever I find a good example I can’t help but enjoy not just the accessibility that it provides to a set of complex data but the aesthetic quality of the image. Here’s a macromap of major global equity markets for the past year:

Click for larger image in a new tab:
global equity macromap 1 year Jul 2010

A cursory look shows the dichotomy between emerging vs. developed markets - with the exception of China, of course. Europe has ben surprisingly resilient with Spain being the weakest with its heavily bank weighted index giving it a single digit return. The bulls will be comforted to know that the year-long bull market had broad participation across the globe. The bears will remain skeptical pointing to the fact that world stock markets have been getting more and more correlated with each passing year.

Anyway, FT’s macromap is almost as engrossing as the New York Times sector snapshot which I wrote about a few years ago. If you haven’t explored it yet, check out FT’s data sub-section, it is chock full of charts for equities, bonds, currencies and more.

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