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Great Places For Weekly Stock Market Wrap-Up at Trader’s Narrative

Here are some great place to get (free) weekly wrap-up analysis of the week that was and get insight into what may be around the corner:

Dave Landry
Dave is a CTA, author of several trading books as well as co-founder of His videos are quite long (30+ min) and I find Dave’s old-school use bar charts (vs. candlesticks) a bit annoying. But the analysis itself is great. His archives are here and here you can see the most recent video.

This weekly video is produced by thinkorswim’s Chief Technical Strategist, Peter Reznicek. He goes over the main indices and usually also covers a few select sectors. This Sunday’s ShadowTrader video can be viewed here. This weekends’s analysis is unconventional and he explains why he’s not waiting for a pullback. The archives are here.

Uptrend’s Big Picture
This weekly presentation is produced by the stock market newsletter “The Uptrend”. It is biased towards the bear side (as readily acknowledged by its author, Stephen Whiteside). So take it with a few grains of salt. Otherwise I like it because it presents a wider view of the markets with coverage of gold, oil, bonds, and many specific sectors including the often ignored bull market in uranium. The most recent video can be seen here with the archives found here.

Tony Oz’s Stock Trader TV
Tony recently started a great weekly wrap up video blog. But after only four shows he put it on the backburner to concentrate on helping you win the CNBC Million Dollar Challenge through his site: I’m counting the days till he’s back dispensing his technical analysis. Stock Trader TV: First video, second video, third video and fourth video.

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