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Greenspan On The Daily Show at Trader’s Narrative

Greenspan On The Daily Show

Last night Alan Greenspan appeared on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart to promote his new book: “The Age of Turbulence”.

Jon Stewart asks him a very intelligent question that I never would have guessed he would broach. Greenspan’s answer is as surprising in its candour.

If you haven’t already, read “Gold and Economic Freedom”, an article Greenspan wrote in his younger days and which was published in Ayn Rand’s “Capitalism, the Unknown Ideal” in 1966.

Oh and regarding his forecast abilities, Greenspan is too modest. In all his time as a private econometric consultant as well as his tenure as Fed chair, he was among the best contrarian indicators. Ever.

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  1. 1 Shepard

    Surprisingly excellent interview. There’s a 40 minute interview with Mr. Greenspan on the Fresh Air show over at the NPR site ( It was tapped Monday the 17th I think. It’s quite good. Not sure if I can post links here, but this is the direct link:



  1. 1 The Comedic Genius of Alan Greenspan

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