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Happy Independence Day at Trader’s Narrative

Happy Independence Day

Just a few days after Canada Day, it is time to celebrate the United States of America. Our big brother (in a non-Orwellian meaning of the term).

I’m a Canadian (by adoption) and proud of it. I don’t usually venture off into political discourse but I simply can’t believe the depths that the current US president and administration has sunk to. Without a doubt they will be judged to be the worst ever in the history of a great nation.

But sometimes you need to hit rock bottom, to be able to wake up and reaffirm the values that you stand for and are ready to die for.

So to all the patriots out there, happy Independence Day. May your magnificent country once again remember its founding principles and live up to them.

See you all next week.

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2 Responses to “Happy Independence Day”  

  1. 1 Jamie

    You’re such a diplomat.

    Just saw the new Michael Moore documentary, “Sicko”. I’ve always secretly envied Americans, but now more than ever, I’m happy to be the next door neighbor.

  2. 2 老唐

    Oh, that’s what every canadian thought about americans, but it’s better than russians thought that america is a ragged, non-lasting imperialism. haha.

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