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How Exactly Are You Supposed to ‘Get Over It’ ? at Trader’s Narrative

getoverit.pngRecently, I read a blog entry on Piptopia about a trader looking for help after a negative experience. After trading on a sim, he had gone live and lost 3% of his account. This had bothered them enough to write asking for help and feedback. The loss may not seem like a lot to you or me, but for that person, it had caused some strong and painful emotions.

To the credit of Piptopia, a lot of practical advice was offered. But I want to concentrate on the first one: Get over it. I think it is important to focus on this for two reasons. First, being told to just ‘Get over it’ is not terribly useful because unless you are also told how exactly you can do that, it just sounds like a hollow platitude. The second reason is that unless you can move beyond an emotional block, all the practical advice that follows is meaningless. Sure, your conscious mind knows and can rationalize, but your subconscious mind will sabotage all of your intelligent, conscious efforts. What you need to do is to ‘reprogram’ your subconscious mind so that it acts congruently with your conscious mind.

I’m going to share a simple technique with you on how to do just that. And although you can use this for anything trading related, (for example, a trading mistake causing you to become trigger shy), it can be applied to almost all events in life which are traumatic and prevent you from moving on. You know, the kind of experience where you have trouble letting go; where you keep finding yourself remembering it over and over again; the kind of experience that causes you to feel nagative and painful emotions.

Not long ago, I used the same technique that I’m going to share with you to help a friend who was being traumatized by a severe nightmare. Within 20 minutes, the intensity of their experience was so diluted that it was manageable. And shortly after, the whole negative experience simply faded away for them.

You might be wondering, how does it work? This practical technique ‘rewires’ how your subconscious stores and gives meaning to your experience. So you no longer have to ‘Be a man, Get over it, Suck it up, etc.’

Are you ready?

How to Get Over ‘It’

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3 Responses to “How Exactly Are You Supposed to ‘Get Over It’ ?”  

  1. 1 Lawrence Kwan

    It’s a bit long post on “how to get over it”, but as a trader I think it is very important and thanks for sharing the method.
    When I was just hired at Swift, I remember taking a >$2000 loss on MRK because there was a trial news about Vioxx. Since then, I struggled for an entire month and was trigger shy. Even now, I still remember vividly a guy short $1.00 above me got a $2300 loss.

    Babak, your blog has become a daily visit to me just like checking email. Thanks and please keep this up. And if you don’t mind I will like to forward it to other people that may be interested. =)

  2. 2 Babak

    Yes, it is a bit on the long side, that’s why I put it in the Articles section. I’m glad you liked it though and hope it can help people who have gone through similar experiences like the Merck Vioxx one you went through. Thanks for the kind words :)

  3. 3 Robin

    Omg Thank god this was helpful i just went threw a pornographic tramatic experience and it was very painful to think about and this helped me alot.

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