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How to Get to the Next Level of Trading Performance - Webinar With Dr. Steenbarger at Trader’s Narrative

Coming up this Wednesday, Dr. Brett Steenbarger will be giving a webinar, Wednesday, to help traders reach the next level of trading performance. I’m a big fan of Dr. Brett and in case you are not familiar with his work, I’m telling you to not miss this opportunity.

Here is a list of things he will be covering:

  • The stages of a trader’s development and strategies for moving from one stage to the next
  • Sustaining psychological and physical energy as a trader
  • The right ways to grow your trading size
  • Successful journaling and measuring your development and success as a trader
  • Building discipline and overcoming psychological barriers to trading success
  • The use of biofeedback as a training device for traders
  • Should you trade many markets/patterns or specialize in a few?

The main presentation (March 10th at 7:30 PM Eastern Time) is 45 minutes long. It will be followed by a question and answer period so be ready to jot down notes and questions for Dr. Brett. For those not able to attend the live webinar on Wednesday, you will (eventually) be able to download it and listen to it afterward. Go here to reserve your spot.

As well, on Thursday, March 11th at 9:00 PM Eastern Time, there is a webinar on the Daily Sentiment Index by Jake Bernstein. This is a much longer one covering this sentiment indicator in depth and going over the specific edge it provides in trading. As well, all attendees will receive the complete historical data file for the DSI going back all the way to 1987. Go here to reserve your spot.

Three books by Dr. Steenbarger that will help you master the psychology of trading:
psychology of trading Steenbargerenhancing trader performance Steenbargerdaily trading coach steenbarger

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