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How Two Great Traders Start Their Day at Trader’s Narrative

How Two Great Traders Start Their Day

By some cosmic confluence, on the same day, we had two great trading blogs describe how they approach the trading day. Make sure you check them out and pick up some great tidbits.

Pinoy trader trading blog.pngPinoyTRADER has a swing or position trading strategy that relies on scans he runs the previous day (he looks at ~400 charts a day!). He does take intra-day positions also but his forte I think is in getting long on a pullback of breakout patterns.

trader jamie wallstreet warrior.pngWallstreet Warrior (aka Trader Jamie) trades exclusively intraday price action (as far as I can tell). His strategy is a combination of dummy trading, gap plays and some stuff he has added to the mix himself. Not only does he trade like a machine, he explains his reasoning with impressive lucidity.

Don’t forget to check out the archives of each blog as well.

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  1. 1 Jamie

    Thanks for the plug Babak.

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    Thanks Babak.

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