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I Hate Vonage, You Hate Vonage, We All Hate Vonage! at Trader’s Narrative

As a student of sentiment, I try to keep a sharp lookout for new, wacky ways of taking the mood of the crowd. There are the traditional methods. And then there are other more unorthodox ways of seeing sentiment.

Just recently I’ve been paying more attention to the keywords that people use to find my trading blog. Just a few days ago I started noticing something interesting. Quite a few people were googling: “I Hate Vonage!” and “We Hate Vonage”… which would take them to my post, Vonage: Please Don’t Leave Us!

Not only has Vonage had a very difficult time over the past year to make money and retain customers, recently insult was added to injury when a judge ruled that they had infringed on patents held by Verizon and ordered them to stop taking on new clients. Ironically, this might be just the thing Vonage needs since every new client brings with it much more expenses than concomitant income ;) But the market was ruthless in punishing the stock as it gapped down to reach just below $3.

vonage implosion i hate vonage.png

Tangentially, since I’ve promised to hold myself accountable in my previous opinions, I’ll take this opportunity to give myself an A+ for this call. The red arrow is when I made my first post about Vonage. The next day it gapped down and fell into the ~$9 area, consolidated and fell further. Never to see that level except when it came back a few months later to ‘kiss’ the resistance level.

Getting back to sentiment, when I see people actually typing in ‘I hate Vonage’, the contrarian in me feels an almost irresistable temptation to go long. I’m not sure though if these people are customers or shareholders (or both!). As Rothschild said, ‘Buy when there’s blood on the street!’. There isn’t any blood on the street perse, but definitely it is splattered all over the Vonage chart.

The MarketWatch’s individual stock sentiment measure is slightly negative (52% bears and 48% bulls) but the sample size is very small at slightly above 100 respondants. At the very least, I think that Vonage’s stock has reached a crescendo of negativity. So if you’re still short, I wouldn’t press it. And if you have no position, crazy as it might sound, it just might be smarter to go long than short.

By the way, we’re into the last days of my first trading blog contest. If you’re interested in sentiment, and you haven’t entered yet, hurry!

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32 Responses to “I Hate Vonage, You Hate Vonage, We All Hate Vonage!”  

  1. 1 Kris

    maybe they’re trying to find:

  2. 2 bob

    VONAGE is an unscrupulous company and I refuse to do business Vonage. Vonage refuses to cancel my account after approximately two weeks of repeatedly trying to cancel my Vonage account by telephone and email. To end the phone conversation Vonage has repeatedly said Vonage computers are down and to call back.

    I filed a complaint against Vonage with the Better Business Bureau (complaint number: 5576109) 3 Oct 07.

    I filed a complaint against Vonage with the Federal Communications Commission (complaint number: FORM475: 07-W13431095) 4 Oct 07.

    I filed a complaint against Vonage with Florida Congressman Jeff Miller 4 Oct 07..

    I filed a complaint against Vonage with Florida Senator Bill Nelson 4 Oct 07..

    I filed a complaint against Vonage with Florida Senator Mel Martinez 4 Oct 07..

    I am pursuing legal action against Vonage.

    For further evidence of Vonage’s behavior and what kind of reputation Vonage has developed go to,, and/or search the Internet for “I HATE VONAGE”.

  3. 3 Rebecca

    I signed up with Vonage to save money on home office calls. It was for a new number, so I didn’t have all the hassle of waiting for the switch, but I ordered a phone from them that didn’t come and didn’t come and eventually I had to call back to get another one sent. Finally, I get another one, and despite my high-speed DSL connection, the phone quality was terrible. My boss could not hear me properly and my calls kept getting dropped. So my boss told me to disconnect the service and since they were paying for it, I tried. Vonage Customer Abuse line told me that I could not disconnect without being charged a $50 rebate recovery fee before 6 months of service. I said that was ridiculous and that their service was the problem. They offered me 2 months free service to make it up to me, which would take me to 6 months. I figured, fine, I can remember to call back in 2 months. No mention of the disconnect charge at this point, and I even confirmed with the rep that there would be NO FEE to disconnect. She agreed.

    So, I call back 2 months later and after waiting over 20 minutes on hold, I tell them I want to disconnect, they try to give me more free months, discounted services…bla, bla, bla. I tell them nicely “no thank you, please just disconnect me.” Then the Customer Abuse Rep tells me that I have to pay a fee to disconnect. I said “what?” I was told that there would be no fee. She argues and argues with me saying that there was this other fee, but then there is this now additional fee, I tell her that the previous rep told me there would be no fee. After 10 minutes round and round, she offers to waive the fee if I sign up my friends… WHAT??? After all the hassle that this has caused, I wouldn’t sign anyone up for this abuse. Geez. I tell them I would rather pay the fee nad not subject my friends to this type of treatment. I hang up and about 15 seconds later get an email saying my service has been disconnected and my credit card has been charged $44.79… I paid almost $45 for a 10 second disconnection and a lot of hassle and abuse.

    Here’s the moral - STAY AWAY FROM VONAGE - they are ridiculous to deal with and lie, cheat and steal to get customers. By the way, I told them that I would be warning everyone about their tactics online - please post on as many places as you can find too, maybe together we can stop their bad business practices

  4. 4 Luca

    I signed up my dad for Vonage in January of 2007 and offered to pay the monthly bill myself so the billing address and the service address wound up being different. In September of 07 my dad decided to cancel the account due to dropped calls and calls not coming through at all.

    I called up in September and asked to have the account canceled. The rep informed me that because the account is under my dad’s name I need to have him on the line even though the billing and payment info was my own. Fine, I got my dad on the line and he authorized the cancelation. The process was going fine until I made the stupid mistake of merging my own line with his instead of flat out canceling it. I asked if that it would be at NO ADDITIONAL COST per month and the rep said YES, NO ADDITIONAL COST.

    I turns out that I still would recieve a montly charge for that line that was supposed to be at NO ADDITIONAL COST. So I called again to flat out cancel the line. I was told that because the line was under my dad’s name AGAIN that he needed to be on the line even though the line is supposed to be merged with my own.

    Here we are late December and I called again. Now I have a balance of 90 dollars for the past three months for a line no one has used and they want to charge me a $40 dollar cancelation fee. I asked them to check the activity on the line to prove that I have not used the line and they confirmed that there was no usage. I told them to cancel the line and that they will not recieve the $90. I would be glad to pay the $40 cancelation fee so that I don’t have to call them any more. The rep was insistant that I have to pay for the last 3 months plus the cancelation fee or the account would go t a collection agency. At this point I was irrate because now they’re trying to hold me hostage to paying them money. At this point I got fed up and told them to pass it to a collection agency and they will not recieve a dime. I will gladly hire a lawyer to make sure that this will not get on my credit report.

    Not only am I now canceling my dad’s line but Vonage’s practices have forced me to cancel my own line. I don’t want to deal with a company that has no integrity and is looking to nickel and dime their customers to the point of agrivation. I can easily move to my cable’s digital service.


  5. 5 Kendra

    I too have grown to hate Vonage. I had Vonage for about two months and final got fed up with the horrible service. Not only was the phone dropping calls, most of the time no one could hear me. So after going through about 20 min of the sales rep offering me this free and that free, I finally said if you want to help me then cancel the account. Then I was informed that the cost would be 117 dollars. I told them never mind that I would call back on the 1st when I got paid to cancel the service. Later I went to look at my bank account and guess what was on it…a charge from Vonage for 117. I send a email straight to the CEO of Vonage telling him how discussed I was for charging my account with out authorization. As soon as the charge posts on my account I am making a claim at my bank. No way will they get my money without my permission.

  6. 6 Christopher Murphy

    On February 16, 2008, my one year annual service agreement with Vonage ended. At that time I was in the process of changing carriers to another service provider due to Vonage’s extremely poor customer support and service. After repeated episodes of going days without proper telephone service when family members were unable to reach us on the phone, we had no other choice but to pursue a more reliable telephone service provider. I attempted to contact Vonage on several occasions prior to February 16, 2008, but was unsuccessful due to extremely long hold times. I also looked at Vonage’s website to see if there was a place where I could cancel my service or send them an email notifying them of my wishes. The only way to cancel service was by telephone. Finally on February 25, 2008, after patiently waiting on hold for a total of 58 minutes, I spoke with someone from Vonage’s billing department. I informed them of my wishes to cancel my service and offered to pay Vonage for services rendered for the month of February ($24.95 plus applicable taxes.)

    Vonage informed me at that time that my one year service agreement automatically enrolled me for an additional year, and that I owed Vonage $283.54. I stated that I was not willing to pay that fee since I was not going to receive services from their company for more than 11½ months. I asked the billing representative if there was any way to change my account to a monthly billing account, then I would pay for the 9 days of services rendered and cancel the account. Again, Vonage was unwilling to make that change and repeated their position stating that I owed $283.54 for services beginning February 16, 2008 continuing until February 16, 2009. Again, I would have canceled Vonage’s service sooner, but it appears that they purposely did not allow me to do so in writing and then they continued to not allow me to cancel, apparently by purposely leaving me on hold for unreasonable periods of time.

    I am happy to pay for services rendered, but I refuse to pay for services I did not receive, nor have any expectations of receiving. Should Vonage continue to make efforts to collect these funds, I will certainly work with the Washington State Attorney General’s Office and the Better Business Bureau to make Vonage’s shady practices well known.

  7. 7 Igotscrewedtoo

    Start here with your Vonage complaints, will save you a lot of time and some aggravation and you might get some kind of positive result if you plead your case strong enough:

    Reginald Lawal
    vonage executive response team
    1-888-580-4020 x 26273

    Hope this helps.

  8. 8 Linda Davis

    Today, I contacted vonage about having no service for days, not even a dial tone. I spoke with a gentleman who looked up my calling log since beginning servces in Feb. He informed me (after trouble shooting) that my continual reason for disrupted services was due in fact to my having my internet service which was enconpatable with vonage. He said my options were to get another phone provider or another internet provider. He acknowledged that this should have been discussed in the beginning before my signing on. He transfered me to an accounts mnager who agreed and would stop my services. She claimed to be unable to do anything about refuting my charges with discontinuing services. She transferred me to billing where I spent over an hour trying to get this woman to understand that since Feb. I had been trying to get this resolved and it wasn’t until today that I found out nothing that I would do or vonage could do would insure me quailty service BUT I would still be charged since I did not discontinue services in the 30 days. What INSANITY. It was like talking to a robot. She had no ability or power to see that this was something on vonage’s side and could have been resolved in the first 30 days if it had been ever stated that it was due to incompatiblity and not to bad wires, being too close to the box or any of the other reasons I had been given or instructions that I have followed since February. In frustration I asked to speak to her supervisor. I was informed she was on another line and would call me right after getting off the other call. 3 hours later no call back, I call speak to customer service that agrees this needs to be resolved. He gives me Corp’s # since the “case” is already closed from his end. I call Corp. and guess what only an answering machine. I see that I am not the only person that has been mislead and abused by this company. I would hate to have to join one of the class action suits or go to the State and the Better Business B. yet right now I see no one from the company wanting to or able to help resolve this. Is there no one who can think, evaluate and make decision in this company?

  9. 9 FINALLYAFORMER VonageCustomer

    I’ve been down the Vonage “road” and it was not a pleasant trip. I finally got them to reverse all but $10 of my charges..but this was after many many phone calls, emails, and hours and hours of my time..not to mention the stress involved. Don’t think that Vonage Customer Service Reps are not understanding what you need. They know exactly what you are saying and what you want. BUT they have been trained to read only from the script they are providing and are not allowed to tell you they understand what you want. They KNOW you got screwed. I ask one rep point blank “HOW CAN YOU HAVE SUCH A HORRIBLE JOB, WORKING FOR SUCH AN UNSCRUPULOUS COMPANY??” For once I didn’t get a rehearsed script. I heard a quiet resigned “I understand”. So don’t blame the worker bees, go to the “Queen Bees” who make all the scripts. Go to this website and contact EVERY member of Vonage Board of Directors. The next thing that will happen is that you will get an email from a member of Vonage’s Executive Response team. They only respond because they can see you are NOT the type of customer that is going to pay UNSCRUPULOUS charges and go away quietly. They know you are going to keep making trouble and bad publicity for an already faltering they will respond. At this point, INSIST that ALL your charges be credited back to you, and don’t accept any less. If they refuse, tell them you are by NO MEANS done with them. (mention that you are writing to newspapers with your story also) Then continue to write EVERY member of the Board of Directors until you get the response you are looking for. Good luck all of you. You have my sympathy. Oh..and if you need a laugh, get this: After the hell they put me through for MONTHS, they had the nerve to call and ask me what it would take to bring me BACK to Vonage!! I said there was NOTHING ..ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that would EVER make me go back to them and to never ..NEVER call me again.

    Here’s the website for Vonage Board of Directors:

    If you want to call the Executive Response Team, here is the contact name and phone number:

    Reginald Lawal
    vonage executive response team
    1-888-580-4020 x 26273

  10. 10 Igotscrewedtoo

    OH! Forgot to mention! Vonage claims they can charge your credit card for ANY charges THEY decide you owe, because you supposedly “authorized” them to do so when you “signed” their contract. Since Vonage has fraudeulently made it impossible to REMOVE your credit card information on their site. Here’s a solution. You can CHANGE your credit card information on their site, so go out, buy a PRE-PAID Visa card and put the AMOUNT YOU BELIEVE YOU OWE on that card, not a penny more. Then go to their site and change your credit card information. Your bank will stop charges, but that is NOT the answer. When I told Vonage Customer Service Reps I was having my bank stop the payment, they said their would be new charges coming each month and charged to that card until it was paid. So I decided to CANCEL my credit card (my bank was happy to comply). When they emailed me to find out why my card no longer worked, I told them I had cancelled it so they could no longer debit my account without my authorization. I offered to send them a check for what I believed I owed. They said they don’t accept checks. I then offered to wire transfer the money to them. They refused. The only way you can pay them is ONLINE with a credit card, according to them. And if you refuse to pay them they told me they will send you to a credit collection agency and ruin your credit! (according to other people posting here..they have in fact ruined many former customers credit). So the solution I came up with was to BUY a PREPAID Visa card, with a limited amount on the card (only what you believe you owe) other thing..ENTER your new credit card onto their site BEFORE you cancel..because they immediately CHARGE your card for $117 in bogus charges when you cancel. If you have no working credit card on file, they will REFUSE to cancel your account and keep charging you monthly until you enter a new card. They actually finally cancelled my account after repeated requests, then when they discovered my card no longer worked, they REINSTATED my account and began to start charging me month charges again!! Insane huh?

    It’s a shame we have to go to these lengths to PROTECT our money from an illegal transaction…why is our government not SHUTTING THEM DOWN?? In the meantime, word of mouth can do a lot to SHUT THEM DOWN. Tell anyone and everyone how bad Vonage is! Post everywhere on the internet too..word gets around fast.

  11. 11 REALITY

    Vonage just don’t say what ever they want, representatives would just remind you on what you had agreed and accepted verbally upon sign up. Just to prevent your accounts to be messed up on ways you do not want, try to go over the terms of service before calling vonage and signing up. It is a customer’s responsibility to go over the Terms of Service, not just to immediately sign up and blame it on Vonage for future problems.


  12. 12 Julia Roberts


  13. 13 Bill Clinton

    We used Vonage for 5 years now and they really so have the best Customer Service Representatives ever! I Love them Guyz!

  14. 14 Igotscrewedtoo

    I have THREE things to say to those here who CLAIM that Vonage is a wonderful company, their customer service reps are great (I have trouble even typing that one) and they are happy with their service:

    1. You work for Vonage and they paid you to say that.
    2. You lie a lot.
    3. You haven’t YET tried to cancel your account. Try that and then tell us what you think.

    There is no way anyone could be happy with Vonage..c’mon! I guarantee you that anyone who ever had to deal with Vonage customer service reps will not be happy, and will never want to hear the word Vonage again.

    Oh here’s a laugh. I finally get them paid off and cancelled after months of dealing with their insanity, and now they send me WEEKLY offers to sign up! Are they for real?? I plan to “RETURN TO SENDER” all their mail. Let them pay postage twice.

  15. 15 Igotscrewedtoo

    Oh and to the person who tells us that we are to blame for not reading the fine print on the Vonage contract on their website and shouldn’t complain later when we get screwed:

    I have signed up for many many services and not read every word of the fine print and never got screwed once in my life. A reputable company representative will TELL you at time of sign up what you are agreeing to, they don’t HIDE IT in fine print. They also don’t include a clause that you can’t sue them for doing illegal things in their contract. And generally a contract requires a SIGNATURE of acknowledgement of agreement. That’s why Vonage puts theirs on the website instead of mailing you a contract. Vonage is like those websites that have a box where you agree to buy extra things..and it’s already CHECKED and you have to UNcheck it to disagree. Same tactics.

    I think you must be another Vonage rep sent to try to do some “damage control” at this site.. Your response sounds amazingly similar to the “scripted responses” the Vonage reps gave me over the phone when I was trying to cancel in fact.

    At Vonage the customer is always WRONG..and they are smug and satisfied to send you to the fine print on their website to prove it. Nice try guys.

  16. 16 Purely A Point of Sharing

    There are two forms of legally binding and enforceable contracts, bilateral and unilateral. A contract can be either written or verbal. With either you have 24-hours to cancel a contract, dubbed a ‘cooling off’ period where you can rethink your decision and rescind your agreement to it.

    In any contract, one party is the Promisor and the other is the Promisee. If you agree to their promise and use the services and they performed those services you agreed to then you are both bound by the terms of the contract between you. They can enforce them anyway they prescribed in the contract. A contract is a meeting of the minds and usually this means there were negotiations involved to come to this agreement made in good faith. However, with Vonage, your portion of the negotiations was ‘take it or leave it’ as you didn’t or couldn’t make amendment to it. Nevertheless, if you agreed to it then you have reached a ‘meeting of the minds’.

    Beware - you might have heard this before but always read the contract before you sign it. Your signature is the most power tool you have. With it you can bind yourself into indebtedness for years. If there is a fee to pay to break the contract then pay it and move on.

    Small claims court is where you can fight this contract with Vonage as it’s under $25,000, but even if you win you can still lose in time and trouble filing the appropriate documents, preparing for and appearing in court. And then there’s jurisdiction. You have to file and appear in the state/province and city that the original contract was made or in the place that the payments were received. Because Vonage is online that could be anywhere.

    If you finally got into a courtroom, you could argue that the contract was not legal because no actual signatures were made onto it. There is some validity to this but you have to argue that and since you did use the services it could be countered that a contract existed between the parties. If there wasn’t a breach in the contract by either Vonage then you’re stuck to it.

    So you see, the game is really stacked in their favor. To agree to anything online or not and bind yourself to it, no matter how many times it’s worked with other service providers, it is a gamble. If you’re willing to gamble then roll the dice. Maybe you won’t get screwed this time.
    Maybe you will.

    READ everything first and if you don’t agree, then walk away. Maybe every wanted convenience isn’t worth the cost attached to it. Contracts are powerful things. If you can’t live with them then walk away from them.

  17. 17 not so vonage

    well, i’ve read the post and i have to say that i’m part of this problem, i’m one of the vonage’s customer care agents, every day i take call from people that has a lot of troubles with the service, and then when they ask to cancel, i can’t do nothing but pronounce this fatidical sentence: “i’m sorry to hear that, in order to cancel your account i have to transfer your call to account management department and they will cancel your account”… when i transfer the call, starts the nightmare of several customers.

    why?? the agents on account management are trained for one thing: do NOT let customers leave the company, they are able to offer customers even thing that DON’T EXIST on the internal database, and when customer still wants to cancel, they are even going furtherby hanging up on customers, transfering them to another department even lying about the cancelling, customers sometimes finds out that their accounts are still open and being charged moths later of the cancelling call… you surely will ask why they do that, it’s for one reason: MONEY… when a customer cancels the agent that took that call loses the bonus on their paycheck, so that’s why they don’t want to cancel, offering months for free, refunds, and services that don’t exist…

    i hate account management agents and sales agents, because people calls to complain to customer care for their mistakes and we, the customer care agents are always treated bad, insulted, and low rated on the mailed surveys, losing our bonus because their fault, last month i lost 20% on my paycheck because the returned surveys has bad grades, and the comments was complaining about sales and account management, not complaining about my job, I SOLVE THEIR PROBLEMS, EVEN I CREDITED THEIR ACCOUNTS!! and they rated me bad to take on vonage service and those bad agents… well, you don’t take revenge on vonage for this, you take revenge on the agent that solved your problems…

    to finalize, i will give you some tips to survive vonage experience:

    - no matter how long it takes, please READ THE TERMS OF SERVICE!! there is detailed all the charges and circumstances that you can be charged, for example, mid-billing cycle, nobody knows that we take $75 at the middle of the month if your international or 411 calls goes over the $75, also there’s the disconnection fee that is charged when your account has less of 2 years of existence… also remember, a sales agent will say “yes” to every question you ask, their job is making sells and earn the bonus for that, investigate on the website or the TOS before signing up

    - if you call to cancel your account, be sure to ask for the proper information, an email is sent to you when you cancel advising about this, even take the job of calling the next day to check if the account was cancelled, or else you will get a nasty surprise next billing cycle

    - no matter if it takes more time that you want to spend, make ALL the questions that you think are needed when you call vonage service, some people don’t ask enough and then calls to complain, the favorite excuse is “i’m sorry, but all that information is detailed on the terms of service”

    - if you called vonage and received a survey to rate an agent, please, PLEASE check the name that appears on the survey, maybe for punishing the agent that gave you bad service you’re punishing the agent that solved your problem or took the time to listen to you, don’t make a mistake taking the payment from a person that worked hard for that

    - last advice, always ask where the agent is located, the contact services of vonage are located on 4 different countries: india, the phillipines, chile and USA, american and chilean agents are always good willing to take your call, indians and phillipines don’t want to lose customers and they will lie, offer you unexisting things (that we have to solve and being insulted for trying) and even hang you up… look out for those guys… an extra advice, EVERY company has customer care services or offices outside the US, even AT&T, Verizon or Bellsouth, don’t be framed for companies that say “local customer services”

    i’m not proud for working on vonage, but everybody needs to fill the fridge and pay the bills, so if i can help a little with this, i’ll be glad… in fact if you want, i will create an email address to solve your problems and inquiries using the truth and without you have to talk with a guy that will hang up on you when you say “cancel”… i’m not doing this for vonage, it’s just to prove a point…

    have a good day

  18. 18 John Lane

    I never did business with them, I just hate them because their ads are everywhere.

  19. 19 KENDRA

    I hate vonage. They are crooks. Don’t do business with them.
    They charged me a 32 activation fee when I was told there was no fee. I never hooked up the service. I decided to cancel my service because I was unaware of the additional $10 fee for a fax line.
    I cancelled my service by the 30 day deadline but they continued to charge me. I was billed 32 again for the first month of service even though I had already cancelled. Now I’m on hold with them, they are going to cancel my service after charging me $42. So my efforts to save my family money has cost us $106.

  20. 20 Vonage is a scam

    I honestly don’t know how Vonage gets away with advertising “No Contracts” but then holds you to a two year commitment with additional terms. That to me is intentionally trying to mislead the consumer by trying to hide the fact there is a mandatory two year contract with an early termination fee if you cancel early.

    I was victim to this fee after canceling Vonage 13 months into my contract. When I joined over the phone the sales rep said she had to read the Terms Of Service to me so she could activate my account on my behalf. Not once was there any mention of a 2 year commitment. When I canceled my account there was again no mention of any additional fees. It wasn’t until I received an email stating my account has been canceled and my card charged $39 for an early termination fee. When I emailed them to question the charge they said I agreed to these terms when I joined and clicked the “I Agree” button on their web site. When I explained I never had to do this, that a rep did on my behalf without disclosing this disconnect fee they replied by saying just by using the Vonage site I am in agreement with the terms. Its an absolute joke.

    Whats shocking is Vonage seems to have only put this policy into place about 2 years ago in a time where courts are showing early termination fees are unfair business practice by cell phone companies and other service providers.

    My main gripe is I had to pay an activation fee, I got no discounts on my service or any free hardware that would justify having to lock into a 2 year contract. At least cell phone providers give you a free phone as an incentive to stay for two years. It’s disgusting how Vonage operates knowingly misleading customers by advertising no contracts but yet locking them into a 2 year commitment. Theres not a doubt in my mind that if Vonage was upfront with this policy they would lose a ton of sales when theres many other VoIP providers with no term commitments.

  21. 21 b patient

    I honestly don’t know how Vonage gets away with advertising “No Contracts” but then holds you to a two year commitment with additional terms.

    I say fuck em!

  22. 22 Javier

    I hate Vonage because when you need custumer service you get transfer outside the usa, to a countru unknow that vonage will not desclouse, somewhere in the world they use people who hardly speack any english, and not just that, you know that in order to have vonage you need to have hight speed internet right so do the math they charge $24.99 a month that is a total of $299.88 a year!!!!! plus what you pay for hight speed internet asuming that you pay $24.99 that meas that you pay an extra 299.88 a year and together it becomes $599.76 a year, WELL MY FRIENDS REED THIS THIS IS THE PART WHERE YOU NEED TO READ:

    YOU CAN SAVE HUNDREDS OF DOLARS BY SWICHING TO MAGICJACK!!!!!!!!, yes you can save!! HOW? well with you pay $20.00 a year for a phobe service and yes you need hight speed internet too, but did you reed that? $20.00 USD A YEAR!!! YES A YEAR!!!!!, So you pay that and about $24.99 a month for internet that is $319.88 A YEAR, look at this vr vonage at $599.76 a year!!! That is a savings of ——-$279.88——!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. 23 not so vonage

    javier, you are wrong, magic jack has the plan of 20,00 for the whole year and 39,95 the next year of service, but you won’t save money, why? because when you use magic jack the device is an USB device that requires you to have the computer turned on all the time if you want to receive and perform calls 24/7, that is a very high price on power bills, also with magic jack you don’t have voicemail, call forward or any other feature, magic jack doesn’t support international call, also magic jack doesn’t support 911 calls, in other words if you need assistance, you’re screwed…

    vonage is bad, i know, but magic jack is WORSE and you like it only because is cheaper… and the magic jack tech support is a live chat, and guess what, THEY DON’T REPLACE DEVICES IF YOU HAVE TECHNICAL ISSUES, so you will have to buy a new one… what did you say about saving?? you save nothing with them… also ask for better high speed internet plans, because verizon offers DSL for $14,99, and offers DSL for $9,99… please study better your arguments…

  24. 24 Dan

    problems with payments…problems with quality….problems with customer service….I have replace Vonage with two cans and string…..I am much happier

  25. 25 chantal

    i cancelled my service today and within a minute i had $92.98 charged on my debit card. i called my bank to stop the payment but they said it too late but i still have a choice. cancel my account. i am not going to let them get my money for nothing. i was not told that i had a contrat with them. the comercial said no contrat and no fees. please people let all fight and close this company. the economy is bad and everybody is trying to save money. i don’t know about you but i will not going to give up!
    i want my money back. i will try the BBB and FCC. if anyone got more suggetion, please post them. we may loose our money now but they will loose big by loosing the company. i am about to sent a forward e-mail to all my friends and my friends will send to their friends. i am sure at the end of the day, someone will notice. i would ask you to do so.
    we can do it.

  26. 26 Kay


  27. 27 Neil

    I live in CA, I complained to CA Public Utitlities Commission, and I got a letter from PUC saying they don’t cannot help me. So not all State’s PUC can help.

  28. 28 Ken

    I found it difficult to sign up with Vonage because of the clueless guy in India who works for them. That should have been a clue for me to avoid this company. I tried to cancel within the free 30 day trial period, and they are demanding an early cancellation fee. They claim that that I started 2 days earlier than I did, even though I have paperwork from Vonage which proves the date my order was processed. They give conflicting information, they lie and the foreign phone people are rude and incompetent. Stay away from Vonage.

  29. 29 Stacey

    I also have run into similiar problems with Vonage. I had the service for three months and was fed up with dropped calls, static and it causing problems with my cable internet. I called and tried to cancel and was told it would be $127 to cancel. So now I am stuck paying $15 for the next 9 months to avoid the cancellation charge hoping that it ends up being less in the long run. Customer service people were no help and they didn’t seem to care at all that I had recently lost my job and needed to cut expenses. I would not recommend this service to anyone!

  30. 30 Paul

    I called you yesterday (June 28th) within the 30 day money back guarantee to cancel this ’service’ and still get charged $134 in ‘cancellation charges’?????

    Please reimburse my account immediately or I will be forced to pursue legal action with the ridiculous company Vonage.

  31. 31 Babak

    Paul, you do know that this is a blog unaffiliated with vonage, right? You want to speak with vonage about this so contact them. Thanks.

  32. 32 Sonya

    Every time I call customer service with any problem like poor voice quality, static or caller id….etc.etc……vonage costomer service try to blame my high speed comcast cable connection which is a plain lie. Now I am stuck with them since they charge early termination fee. I am an Indian…….I myself hate when calls are routed to India and all those india based reps have all those fake american names……HATE IT.

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