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I’m Back !! at Trader’s Narrative

I’m Back !!

I’m back. My absence has been much longer than I wished. This was partly due to a technical glitch as well as a biological one (the flu). Here are a few pictures of what I was up to. You should be able to easily guess where I was:

Seacoast View
You thought my sister’s view was great. This is what my brother sees every morning.

Bridge with Sculpture
A very simple and elegant bridge over the canal running through the city.

Rowing on the Canal
A rowing team getting some exercise on the canal.

Left Side of Bridge
Here’s a view of the left side of the bridge (this landmark should give it away by itself).

Right Side of Bridge
And here’s a view of the right side.

Guggenheim Night
Here’s another view of the landmark at night. They have a regular fire and lights show. Those are 5 massive natural gas torches that scream like jet engines. Atleast someone is happy that NG keeps hitting new lows.

I really like the futuristic design for their tramways.

The food was amazing. Here’s a wonderful presentation of a simple salad.

McDonald's Meal
The gazpacho was the healthiest thing on the tray since it contained fresh vegetables and no preservatives, colorants nor additives.

You can’t go wrong with flan for desert.

Blackberry Jam with Cheese
Blackberry jam with cheese.

Ugly's Student
And to top it off, I ran into one of Ugly’s most gifted students.

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