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I’m Ready For My Close Up ! at Trader’s Narrative

I’m Ready For My Close Up !

A few weeks ago I got a nice email in my blog contact inbox from a journalist with the Globe & Mail (the Canadian version of the Wall Street Journal). Apparently he stumbled on my blog while browsing the net and for some unfathomable reason wanted to interview me for an article.

And yesterday another nice guy came over from the Globe & Mail to take my picture for the article. To be honest, I wasn’t ready for my closeup. Even on a good day my visage frightens children and causes spasmodic twitching in small animals. But yesterday I had a headcold and had slept very little. So you can imagine the challenge he faced.

Thank God for Photoshop.

Anyway, the term “close up” is passé. They refer to it as a “tight shot” now. The photographer was very professional and fun to work with. All he needed was one picture but took more like a couple hundred. I don’t envy him the job of picking one out of the pile.

So there I am, posing, turning, smiling more, smiling less, putting my chin down, putting it up, etc. When, before I know it, I’m half-naked strewn across a lounge chair. Man, these professional photographers are smooth talkers.

I just hope he keeps those pictures for his personal stash. It would be too embarrasing to have them become public:

globe and mail picture.png

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