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Interactive Broker’s IPO: How Hot Is It ? at Trader’s Narrative

For fun, we’re betting on the final price of the Interactive Brokers (IBKR) final IPO price as well as the opening day price.

If my search stats are any indication, this one is a scorcher. I’ve gotten thousands of people arriving at my trading blog from searches on google for “interactive brokers ipo” and similar search strings.

Also, take a look at the’s poll:

interactive brokers ipo hot.png

Right now, IBKR is the hottest IPO on offer!

A reinforcing feedback loop could develop where people are attracted to this IPO simply because it is “hot”. If that is the case - and it seems it might be happening already - then we could see it pop. Especially if the general market continues to be as hot as it has for the past few weeks. People on Wall Street are already becoming desperate and afraid that they are missing out.

How do you think this will play out? will it be a dud? or will it run in spite of its high pricing?

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