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Interactive Broker’s IPO Ups Price & Shares Offered at Trader’s Narrative

It is difficult to gauge the demand supply dynamic in a Dutch auction until it is over but there is such a strong demand for Interactive Brokers IPO (IBKR) that they raised not only the price band (from $23-$27 per share) to $27 to $31 per share but also increased the number of shares offered from 20 million to 34.5 million.

That’s a huge increase! In light of this, I think there’s a good chance that this IPO will actually run when it opens. I’ve already put in my order but being the stingy bastard that I am, I’m not going to chase this right now. I prefer to sit and wait till it comes out to see its price action in the market.

I’m not sure exactly when IBKR will open but chances are good it will be later this week. The first day could actually be tradeable!

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8 Responses to “Interactive Broker’s IPO Ups Price & Shares Offered”  

  1. 1 John Z

    Does anyone know when exactly this one will get priced? This thursday? Open for trade on friday? Thx

  2. 2 Babak

    as far as I know there is no specific date/time - just this week sometime. You just have to watch for news and be ready.

  3. 3 John Z

    Let’s have a predict the ipo price and open price, I say 29 / 38…

  4. 4 Babak

    sure, sounds like fun :)
    my prediction: prices at $30, opens at $32 and runs to atleast $35 in first day of trading

  5. 5 Eyal

    I’m guessing 29 and 33. There might be some heavy selling too by small IB short term traders who’ll just want to book a quick profit.

    I’ve put a bid in btw.

  6. 6 Babak

    did you put in your bid before they upped the lmt?

  7. 7 Eyal

    I put it some time ago and revised it after they upped everything. It looks like they upped the quantity, again! To 40M shares.

  1. 1 (IBKR) Interactive Brokers IPO Priced at $30.01

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