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Introducing: at Trader’s Narrative


I read a lot of stuff. And with each passing year, more and more of it is online. One of the ideas I’ve toyed around with for a while is how to share and talk about the online stories that I come across.

The odd time, they are interesting enough to warrant a blog post but the vast majority of the time, I simply want a way to quickly share something with you.

To that end, I’ve put together:

Here is a brief screenshot:

If you’re already familiar with reddit or digg, you’ll have zero adjustment or learning curve. For those who are not familiar with either of the sites (insert cricket chirping sound) it is simply a stream of cherry picked links which are timely, relate to trading, economics, finance, etc.

You’re perfectly fine to sit back and browse the interesting fresh links percolating each day. You can also go through a 15 second registration process and contribute interesting links you’ve found and want to share.

Another great advantage to registering is that you can give each link a thumbs up or down - telling me whether you liked it or didn’t. You can also comment on the link of course.

Full RSS feed for is available as well. Or you can grab the code for the widget. To see how the widget looks, scroll down a bit and check out my sidebar. Of course, at the site itself you’ll find much more links than the 10 displayed inside the widget. I think there are currently around 200 hand picked links.

I look forward to your feedback and suggestions on how to improve it :)

The following won’t be of interest to most of my readers but it may help those who have blogs or websites and wish to use Slinkset.

As you’ll notice by looking at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, it is powered by Slinkset, a new Y Combinator backed company made up of John Baunach and Brett Gibson.

Since Brett Gibson has been so amazing in responding to my requests for help, I’ve put together a DNS tutorial for others who are using Slinkset.

For most people, the first customization will be to put Slinkset on their own “custom” domain, rather than use the default: In that case, you need to do two things. Once, tell Slinkset what domain you are using (in the advanced admin panel). And two, edit the DNS Settings at your registrar by creating a CNAME record and pointing it to

If that is too vague for you, here is a step by step tutorial for a similar process over at Blogger. Just remember to change it from to (obviously!)

But what I did was set up Slinkset as a subdomain of my main site. Here’s how to do that:

Login to WHM (yes, you need to have WHM not just cPanel access!). Once there, find the menu for DNS Functions. From there, click on Edit DNS Zone:


Once you are in the Edit DNS Zone page, scroll down to the part that says, Add New Entries Below this Line.

In the left-most cell, write down what you’d like to use as your subdomain name. In my case, I wrote: news

slinkset whm subdomain

Then go to the drop down menu and choose: CNAME

Then in the right-most cell, write:

That’s not a typo! You need to type in a period or “dot” after the .com

Click on the SAVE button. Then you’ll see a new info screen telling you WHM followed your instructions. Hopefully everything went well. If so, the next time you go to the Edit DNS page in WHM, you’ll see the entry you just made.

That’s it! I highly recommend using WHM to do all your subdomain editing and managing. It is much more powerful than at the registrar level. And much faster too.

Oh and before you think I’m some sort of DNS God, I have to admit that I have the most stupendous hosting provider. Apparently no “dumb” question fazes these guys. They are always courteous, lightening fast to respond and extremely knowledgeable. Highly recommend them: DownTownHost

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  1. 1 john

    Thanks a bunch for taking the time to describe the process of getting your custom domain setup. That kind of initiative will be super helpful for others. Im also excited to watch the continuing success of Trader’ Narrative.

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