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Key To Trading Success: Ignore Nature’s Laws? at Trader’s Narrative

The following is excerpted from Robert Prechter’s Independent Investor eBook. The 75-page eBook is a compilation of some of the New York Times bestselling author’s writings that challenge conventional financial market assumptions. Visit Elliott Wave International to download the eBook, free.

By Robert Prechter, CMT

…The natural tendency of people to apply physics to finance explains why successful traders are so rare and why they are so immensely rewarded for their skills. There is no such thing as a “born trader” because people are born — or learn very early — to respect the laws of physics. This respect is so strong that they apply these laws even in inappropriate situations. Most people who follow the market closely act as if the market is a physical force aimed at their heads. Buying during rallies and selling during declines is akin to ducking when a rock is hurtling toward you.

Successful traders learn to do something that almost no one else can do. They sell near the emotional extreme of a rally and buy near the emotional extreme of a decline. The mental discipline that a successful trader shows in buying low and selling high is akin to that of a person who sees a rock thrown at his head and refuses to duck. He thinks, I’m betting that the rock will veer away at the last moment, of its own accord. In this endeavor, he must ignore the laws of physics to which his mind naturally defaults. In the physical world, this would be insane behavior; in finance, it makes him rich.

Unfortunately, sometimes the rock does not veer. It hits the trader in the head. All he has to rely upon is percentages. He knows from long study that most of the time, the rock coming at him will veer away, but he also must take the consequences when it doesn’t. The emotional fortitude required to stand in the way of a hurtling stone when you might get hurt is immense, and few people possess it. It is, of course, a great paradox that people who can’t perform this feat get hurt over and over in financial markets and endure a serious stoning, sometimes to death. Many great truths about life are paradoxical, and so is this one.

For more information, download Robert Prechter’s free Independent Investor eBook. The 75-page resource teaches investors to think independently by challenging conventional financial market assumptions.

Robert Prechter, Certified Market Technician, is the founder and CEO of Elliott Wave International author of Wall Street best-sellers Conquer the Crash and Elliott Wave Principle and editor of The Elliott Wave Theorist monthly market letter since 1979.

Independent Investor eBook

The better analogy in my view is to compare individual investor’s behavior with that of an animal in a herd. Through evolution, we have learned that the “safest” place to be is with the pack or the herd and venturing out on your own can get you eaten. But it is only by doing what others aren’t doing that you gain what other’s miss. As long as you simply go along with the crowd, you’ll be “safe” in the sense that you’ll share the same experience as everyone else (and be able to commiserate during tough times) but you’ll never gain anything extraordinary either.

Whatever analogy you use, the lesson is the same. We are barely more than our “lizard brains” and being able to transcend emotions which lock you into a cycle of behaviors is paramount if you want to be able to achieve above and beyond the average.

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4 Responses to “Key To Trading Success: Ignore Nature’s Laws?”  

  1. 1 Greg Feirman

    Wow that’s good! I like the analogy of a rock being thrown at your head. It’s so hard to buy crushing dips and not buy big rips.

  2. 2 Angelo


    Nice post. Keep up the good work.


  3. 3 Daniel Su | Forex Trading


    It’s a great post. In any trading, I think emotional part and money management is really important. One can make an average strategy works well if he/she has good emotional control. 2 of them is fear and greed. It’s not easy to overcome, but there’s always a way. :)


  4. 4 badcompany

    You are hinting successful traders are zombies! They are able to come back after been crashed by a huge stone (due to excellent money management maybe).

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