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Learn How To Trade With Tony Oz - Live! at Trader’s Narrative

Learn How To Trade With Tony Oz - Live!

As this blog has grown, I’ve gotten messages from advertisers who are interested in reaching my readers. I’ve turned almost all of them down because I’ll only promote something that I believe will help people.

That’s why I want to let you know about something worthy of your attention: Tony Oz is offering a new trading course.

But this is a trading course like no other.

Unlike all the other trading courses and seminars out there which are taught by teachers who’s principle source of income isn’t trading, Tony Oz has demonstrated his trading prowess many times over. And unlike other courses which use canned material, static charts or at best simulators to teach, Tony will conduct all the classes live, during trading hours.

Using video conferencing software, all students will be able to see Tony’s trading platform and hear his voice live as he analyzes charts and setups and executes trades in real time.

Similar to a full semester long college course, it will run about 13 weeks (from September to December 2007) and encompass all the material needed to make you into a trader. Starting with general market analysis and going to individual stocks, Tony will teach you everything he does step by step. The course will cover multiple timeframes and trading styles: intraday trading, swing trading and even long-term portfolio management.

And like a college level course, you will have homework! You will have assignments which will have to be completed and also have the opportunity to review other students assignments and learn from their work as well. Of course, Tony will “mark” your homework but by seeing the mistakes and success of others and leaning from them, you’ll be armed with the critical knowledge to move forward.

The course is for all levels. So if you are totally new to trading, don’t worry. Tony will offer a special one day pre-course bonus session for beginners to bring them up to speed. Then it is on to live market data as the “course textbook”. As well, all classes are recorded and available for playback.

The downside is that because of this structure, there are a limited number of seats available. So if you’re interested, register now.

Believe me, I know there are a lot of people who would love to learn how to trade. And unfortunately there are also many “snake oil” salesmen who are ready to bilk them for all they’ve got.

That’s why I think Tony Oz stands out so easily in his field. He is the real deal. Now you’re probably asking, “ok, how much?”

This 13 week course costs $7,000. And yes, that’s a lot of money. But …

… if you register before August 10th 2007, as reader of this blog, the Trader’s Narrative “scholarship” will bring it down to only $4,995

When you consider that many have lost much, much more in one year or even one month trying to learn how to trade on their own, you realize that the tuition is actually very cheap. After August 10th, the price goes up, so shake a leg.

If you have any questions, you can contact me and if you like, I can even put you in touch with Tony Oz himself.

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