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Lest We Forget at Trader’s Narrative

Lest We Forget

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I remember exactly where I was on this day 5 years ago.

I accompanied my Mom to go see a heart specialist. Her appointment was in the morning and as we waited I remember flipping through a Reader’s Digest halfheartedly looking for an interesting article. The doctor saw her and did some tests. Everything checked out. I was very happy to hear him say that she had a very strong and healthy heart. We left the medical building soon after, she heading out to do some shopping, while I went back to my place.

I stopped by a Tim Horton’s to satisfy a craving for a Boston Cream. One of the girls behind the counter told me that on the radio she had heard a plane had just crashed into a building in New York. I asked her, are you sure? She said, I don’t know, I think so… that’s what I heard.

I shrugged it off and thought, That’s the silliest thing I’ve heard. There is no way an airplane would crash into a building. Not with the modern technology they have onboard.

When I got home, I turned on CNBC and for the next few hours I watched with absolute horror as the tragedy unfolded. I felt numb but my brain processed one thing: everything had changed. The world I knew had just been rolled up and replaced with another.

Here’s a never before seen video captured on that day:

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