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LOLcats Calls It: We’re In A Recession at Trader’s Narrative

When a widely popular site like puts this up, it’s safe to say that not only has the concept reached everyone, but that “recession” has seeped into the very depths of our collective psyches:

recession lolcats

Of course, as a contrarian indicator, the fact that we are in a recession may in fact be a condition of the new bull market.

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3 Responses to “LOLcats Calls It: We’re In A Recession”  

  1. 1 Russ Abbott

    Same for the record lows in the consumer confidence indicators. (You probably pointed that out earlier.)

    This sort of thing is always difficult to accept. When things look darkest, they actually look darkest. So why would one use that as a signal that a new dawn is coming? After all, there really are problems with energy, climate change, commodities, etc. Why should we assume that we are exaggerating those problems or that we will find solutions in the near future? But perhaps the magic of science, technology, and markets will work their wonders again.

  2. 2 Randy

    I’ve been trying to warn people since 1996 that the world wide fiat currency system would collapse one day. and now here it is, happening all around us. Kudos to those who saw the same vision and prepared for it. Too bad for the rest of humanity that they didn’t.


  1. 1 Epiphany of the masses at aleatory

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