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Market Internals: Overbought, But Room To Run at Trader’s Narrative

With the news of massive infrastructure works and the rescue of Detroit by the US government, the stock market continues to rally. Today’s rally put the S&P 500 index just barely above the previous swing high. We now have a higher low and it looks like the market is working on putting in a higher high to cement a change in trend.

But when I looked at the moving average of the daily advance decline numbers, I was shocked to see just how overbought the market is. Take a look at the data for the NASDAQ:

NASDAQ advance decline december 2008

By the way, there is nothing magical about the number 11, I just chose it because it is short term enough to remove the lag inherent in any moving average. Here is the NYSE data for the same market internals, which show that we are now at levels last seen back in the summer of 2003 and 2004:

NYSE advance decline december 2008

While this does mean that we are extremely overbought at the moment, it doesn’t automatically follow that this is bad news for the bulls. While I was entertaining these thoughts, Jason Goepfert wrote at that:

There have been 13 times when the 10-day average of the ratio has been 63% or greater, and today’s reading was 79% or higher. A month later, the S&P 500 was positive all 13 times, averaging +4.8%. Three months later, it was still 13-for-13, but the average return climbed to +8.6%.

Lowry Research continues to be skeptical that we have seen the bottom. But more and more “experts” pile on. Just recently, Fleckenstein announced that he would be shutting down his short hedge fund and begin working on a long only fund.

The one caveat that Lowry dangled in their analysis is that the market needs to show follow through. In previous rallies it just couldn’t put together a decent push higher. But with sentiment becoming more pessimistic as the indices continue to climb, we may just have the right sort of environment for that.

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One Response to “Market Internals: Overbought, But Room To Run”  

  1. 1 Paul A. Ebeling, Jr.

    On Dec 4 wrote that from my POV the S&P 500 could move up to roughly 957. That’s where the first big Fibonacci retracement line of Q3’s selloff is resting. That level was also support as well as resistance a handful of times in October and November. If or when the SPX gets to 957 consider that an achieved profit objective. I beleive that 790 would be a good line to use as a stop, because if you go back to the 24th of November, you’ll see a low of 801.20, also happens to be the high from the prior trading day. Is it a Gap? Technically no, but functionally, yes it is a Gap.

    “You don’t get these opportunities all that often, they come separated by decades. And the problem is that investors, when they see these (opportunities), are reluctant to act because there’s so much damage that’s been done to the system.” John Bollinger, creator of the Bollinger Bands investor tool.

    All the best, Paul you can see my work on

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