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Modern Nostradamus “Crash Prediction” Off By 1 Day at Trader’s Narrative

In case you didn’t catch this, a curious exchange occurred way back on July 18th, 2008 on Google’s finance messageboard. It was not unlike the usual chatter that you are likely to read in this corner of the internet, full of mysterious innuendo, bold predictions and anonymity. But what made it stand out from the rest was that it came true:

reinhardt crash prediction google groups finance

That was enough to not only get people’s attention but garner the mysterious Nostradamus a cult following. The prediction was linked to a little known Catholic group called Legatus - a network of Catholic businessmen (and women) - think of them as the LinkedIn of the Holy See.

Then on January 28th, 2009 “reinhardt” emailed his next prediction:

February 09 2009

100% sure thing

market begins huge downfall

People waited with bated breath… and were disappointed because Monday’s market was a snooze-fest. Then came Tuesday and every screen was covered in red. Here’s a chart showing the timing of the two predictions:

spx500 reinhardt prediction of crash

What do you think? Has the stock market Nostradamus finally stepped into the light? or is this is just an elaborate (and ingenious) viral marketing campaign for Dan Brown’s next movie?

Personally, it reminds me of the massive “doomsday” option trade back in August 2007 (nervous giggle).

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10 Responses to “Modern Nostradamus “Crash Prediction” Off By 1 Day”  

  1. 1 anon

    Are there any future predictions? Keep us posted please!

  2. 2 ilias



  3. 3 R

    Reinhardt said that there would be an event Feb 9, 2009 (Legatus meeting in Bahamas Feb 7 & 8) followed by another BIG event on Friday the 13th, 2009 . The Feb 9 forecast was all about the stimulus and what was hidden inside the bill regarding medical billing records (another Enron as he put it). February 13th is the BIG event that coincides with the ending of the Catholic pilgramage in Rome (Massive amounts of Global money laundered into Legatus for the Catholic Church. Legatus is the modern version of Opus Dei). Friday the 13th is allegedly the collapse of the market, the dollar, gloom, doom etc. Hang on tight, this is not going to be pretty. He has 3 more predictions to come after Fri. 13th. Predictions 7, 8, & 9.

  4. 4 Dave Narby
  5. 5 mc

    Sounds interesting but …an easier way to spot the changes in the market for the average person have been to watch for the dates of the Full Moon, which was Feb 9/10. Whatever the direction the market is going in, expect an emotional and big swing the opposite direction. I spotted the last 5 big turns just off that little clue. checkout the website for Astrocycle Research. Good Luck

  6. 6 reed1v

    consulted my pet turtle, and it indicated a rising bottom meeting a decending top. upon which it immediately went back into its shell. thus bad times coming till late march.

  7. 7 Babak

    I’m getting tonnes of emails from readers asking for “reinhardt”’s email address or website. The link is (semi or full-blown) NSFW depending on the day and what kind of pictuers “reinhardt” puts up, so be careful if you’re at work:

    If you want to part with $720, he also provided this information on his site previously: “60 Johnson Ferry Road, Suite: 140-265, Atlanta, GA 30342 send me an email at” as well as his name “David L. Koster” and this address as his own: “5385 Peachtree-Dunwoody Rd. Suite #615, Atlanta, Georgia” and phone numbers: “Business Phone: (404) 459-0673 Cell-Phone: (404) 219-3702″

    I’m sure I’ve got readers in Atlanta. You should go and check him out, O’Reilly style, for the rest of us ;-)

  8. 8 reed1v

    people pay money for this stuff???

  9. 9 Babak

    You betcha! there’s a few dozen born every minute.

  10. 10 reed1v

    gee, willie sutton could have saved himself a lot of effort.

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