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Net Neutrality at Trader’s Narrative

Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is a very important concept because it goes to the heart of why the internet is such an amazing tool for communication. Basically it means that all information zipping through the internet is equal. None has more priority or importance, and no ISP or telecom company can act in a biased way towards any information.

Without net neutrality, you don’t decide where you go and what you see on the internet, your ISP does. If, for example, Microsoft pays your ISP, your access to Google can be throttled and so slow that you really have no choice but to use MSN Search.

Net neutrality is now under attack by new legislation which is under review by the US congress. As you would expect, the ISP companies have lobbied hard to rescind net neutrality in this new legislation. And they might actually succeed if we don’t do something about it.

Watch the above video and then contact your government representative and tell them that you do not support the removal of net neutrality.

For more information, visit Save the Internet and David Isenberg’s blog (ex ATT executive).

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