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New ETF: Gold Miners at Trader’s Narrative

New ETF: Gold Miners

The new Market Vector Gold Miners ETF is the first ETF to track the gold mining sector. It replicates the AMEX Gold Miners Index (GDM) which is composed of 43 individual precious metal stocks. The ETF’s creator, Van Eck Global, is well known in the gold community since they were also the first to introduce a gold mutual fund, way back in 1968.

One of the advantages of this ETF is that it is more skewed towards the smaller capitalization gold stocks (compared to say the XAU). and should therefore provide more beta. It is also a good way to play the coming gold stocks bounce, if you don’t want to bother with individual gold stocks.


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2 Responses to “New ETF: Gold Miners”  

  1. 1 joe van der sneppen

    I am interested in gold and gold mines, but prefer to invest in an etf.

  2. 2 jacques

    I am interested to invest in VECTORS GOLD MINERS but definitely not in

    Are they quoting on the TSX in CAD ?

    Affirmative, where can I find the quotes on the site ?

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