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NYSE Bullish Percent Index Unbelievably Bullish at Trader’s Narrative

I had to do a double take on this - 2.76%? The NYSE bullish percent index is below 3%? below the 1987 crash level? below every single other crisis low?

nyse bullish percent index long term chart

The NYSE bullish percent index was introduced by Abe Cohen way back in 1955. Since then it has come to a hallowed place as an internal market measure of breadth.

The traditional interpretation is to become bullish when the index reaches below 30% and then pushes back above. Obviously we haven’t seen this yet, but still… we are lower than we have ever been.


How to time the market with bullish percent charts

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One Response to “NYSE Bullish Percent Index Unbelievably Bullish”  

  1. 1 Frank Ruffing

    The point and figure view of this indicator is often most reliable for finding turns. Currently (10/29/08) in Os. Best to wait for reversal to Xs.
    Good post though. Not a lot of good technical analysis left on the street. Of course, not a lot of anything left on the street.

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